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Fighting games have been the buzzword for hardcore gamers who like to flaunt their motor skills in the online gaming community. Among the internet of games, the number of fighting games to play has exploded due to insane technological progress in in-game mechanics that make them look and feel more real and immersive than ever. Also, since the time they found residence in our teeny weeny phones, things just got button smashing!

Tournaments are being held globally and prizes are won in real cash, so it makes absolute sense to delve into the crazy world of fighting games online where the rush of adrenaline is dripping to the bone. If you think it's time you get your kick with the latest bunch of top online multiplayer games in the fighting genre today or you’re simply bored with what you’ve got, read on!

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Most Popular Android-Based Fighting Games Online

Shadow Fight Arena

Rated 4.5 on Google Play Store, this one has been out there since 2011 and has been running on top of the line, the latest release as android games being Shadow Fight Arena in 2020.

In this 3d multiplayer online games to play series, you play the character of Duke and brawl it out against other players or the AI. The Shadow Fight fighting games online series is a good experience for beginners to experience the Ninja Realm and indulge in basic fighting sprees to get the taste of adrenaline.

Shadow Fight Arena is the latest in a long-running series of popular fighting games online. This mobile game is a bit different from its predecessors but it’s still a good fighter. You play a character and duke it out against the AI and other players. The controls are a bit simple and hardcore fighting fans may find them lacking. However, there is more than enough here for casual players. The franchise’s previous games online are also quite good if you want to play the older ones.

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Ninja Action 2

In this android game, you join the Ninja on a running frenzy up two never-ending walls and click on the character to let him jump effortlessly. Make sure you time your moves right in order to avoid crashing during the madness in these fighting games to play. 

Enemies and various hurdles common to such multiplayer online games will stop the Ninja from jumping higher, you must watch out for them. By enemies, we mean enemy Ninjas! They come sprinting at you in groups, you must take flight, or else, is game over in this android game. While you’re busy on the job run, make sure to collect the coins, magnet, and every other bonus that comes your way for extra points.

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Forest Warrior

Forest Warrior Game is another entry-level fighting game to play wherein the player must strive to survive in a forest filled with monsters. The kind of monsters is what makes these multiplayer online games tick. You face crazy zombies, fire spirits, and evil birds but there’s a silver lining here. You can use a good range of weapons such as explosives, guns, and hatches to fight and kill them all in this android game.

The adventure-oriented mobile game also lets you access special powers that you can activate as you make progress and dig deeper. Forest Warrior fighting games to play also help you form alliances with Hawk and a Husk to back each other up during fights. 

Defenders Mission

Defenders Mission Game is free to play games online and can be awesome stress busters and time killers. With simple controls, easy mechanics, and colorful graphics, Defender Mission is an android game where you indulge yourself in relentlessly attacking your enemies to defend your base with powerful jet fighters and tanks. When all your jets are decimated by the enemy, you must take on the challenge to turn the tide and take the fight to them in this android game. 

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Fighting Games for Consoles and Windows

Blazing Strike

This one has been making news for a few years, fans have been waiting and finally, that’s soon to be over sometime before 2022 ends. Coming from the genre of multiplayer online games, Blazing Strike fighting games online pays tribute to the good 2D fighter games like Street Fighter. This one is set in a dystopian world wherein players must face a corrupt government regime and resistance fighter groups. 

Only playable on modern consoles, Nintendo Switch and MS Windows. Android gamers are not on the list here. Modern game mechanics and brand new characters with fun and creative abilities should be a refreshing start. The upcoming launch of Blazing Strike fighting games online should feature 3 game modes- Story, Arcade, and VS Mode.

Multiversus Fighting Games

Soon to be released in 2022 across PlayStations, Xbox, and MS Windows, Multiversus fighting games are a dream come true to the fans of those whose lives have been changed by their superheroes. Things get better because these are free-to-enjoy fighting games to play where players from all possible worlds of fantasy engage in 2v2 matches. 

Warner Bros being the owner themselves, Multiverse fighting games online will include characters from DC Comics, Adventure Time, and Scooby-Doo. This could also mean Arya Stark fighting Harley Quinn or Sherlock fighting Superman, who really knows?

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Frequently Asked Questions

Answer: Frankly, the list of fighting games to play is huge to put it on a list. Still, among the most popular, the list ever would certainly include the likes of:

  • Mortal Kombat II
  • Super Smash Bros
  • Tekken 7
  • Soulcalibur VI
  • Super Street Fighter II Turbo
  • Killer Instinct

Answer: The best mobile games to play of the multiplayer kind may include:

  1. Injustice 2
  2. Mortal Kombat
  3. Final Fighter
  4. Street Fighter IV
  5. Shadow Fight 3
  6. Ninja Action 2
  7. Real Boxing 2
  8. Power Rangers: Legacy Wars
  9. EA Sports: UFC
  10. Shadow Fight Arena: PVP

Answer: Fighting games are essentially combat games that involve combats and fights between two players or multiple players. You can also play against the AI or live players in multiplayer online games. The best fighting games to play can include hand-to-hand combat, combat with weapons, team combats, martial arts, and so on.

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