Fantasy Picks Game

Fantasy Picks is a super-fun, skill-oriented game, where you have to predict team players for a match to win the tournament. Nowadays, you can play various fantasy picks games like fantasy football picks, fantasy basketball picks, fantasy cricket picks, IPL 2021 fantasy team prediction, and many others.
Besides such unique game formats, you can also monetize your fantasy sports prediction skills and win some extra cash. Whenever you win a match, you get specific points that can easily be redeemed into real cash. With IPL 2021 rolling into action, this is the best time to explore your skills with fantasy premier league predictions.
Isn’t this exciting? Read on to know more about the Fantasy Picks game.

Why Play Fantasy Picks Game Online On BMG?

1. Ultimate User Security

Baazi Mobile Gaming (BMG) platform offers a secure place to all our users. We have also integrated a strict KYC policy to ensure the age limit and avoid any suspicious activity. The platform is secured with 128 SSL encryption, a solid barrier to protect our users’ confidentiality.

2. Earn extra cash with multiple fantasy prediction games

We offer a wide range of fantasy sports prediction games that our users thoroughly enjoy. You can also earn some good money by regularly playing and winning the matches.

3. Easy withdrawal policy

BMG follows a simple withdrawal policy where you just have to link your bank details with our platform. All deposits and withdrawals on BMG are seamless and processed within 24-48 hours.

Ages & Abilities

We promote an age limit of above 18 years and ensure this policy remains intact; every user must submit their KYC documents, including PAN card and bank details. This allows you to play for cash without any disturbances.
To win a Fantasy Picks game, you need to be mindful of the player’s dynamics and arrange a fantasy team according to their efficiency to win the match. Before jumping to play for cash, you can start with the free games available to ensure that you understand the game’s format well.

How to Win Real Cash by Playing Fantasy Picks online?

Fantasy Picks team games require regular practice to understand which player might fit well in a specific situation. You can first start by playing the free games available on our platform, giving you an insight into our game’s format. Once you feel ready, there are various games of fantasy sports predictions available on our platform to earn real cash.
All your winnings shall be credited to your account and your transaction can take a max of 24-48 hours to process.

How to play the Fantasy Picks game?

Fantasy Picks is a skill-minded game that requires practice and a good knowledge of game statistics. Here is a step-by-step guide to master the platform-

  • The BMG Fantasy Picks game is available online for free on Android and Apple. You can also directly download it from our official website.
  • Now, create your user account and proceed by filling in the correct details and attaching your KYC.
  • Start by practicing a few trial games to get the hang of the platform’s algorithm.
  • You can then start playing paid games to win and earn good money.
    Different formats of fantasy picks games are available on BMG- Fantasy Football picks, Fantasy basketball picks, Fantasy cricket picks including Fantasy Indian Premier League' predictions and more.

Tips & Tricks to Play the Fantasy Picks Game

1. Understanding game dynamics

Fantasy Picks is a mind-boggling game that requires you to step back, gather few tips and tricks and understand the game’s necessity, including player statistics, strengths, and weaknesses, to build a strong fantasy sports prediction team.

2. Extensive practice

To thoroughly understand the previous point, you must regularly practice on the application. BMG offers various trial games specifically for new users to help them get the hang of the platform. After which, you can create your own fantasy teams and play them for real money.

3. Avoid any suspicious activity

BMG is very strict to prevent the confidentiality of its users. Our platform blocks people who disobey our policy or conduct activities that cannot be tolerated. Attach valid age proof and bank details to avoid getting your account dismissed.


This is the perfect time to join the fantasy predictions 2021 mania. Download BMG to kick-start your run with the ideal fantasy cricket picks matches today and create your own IPL 2021 fantasy team to start winning real money. All the best.

Frequently Asked Questions

Answer: Fantasy Picks is an exciting game where you have to build a fantasy team of your favorite players after analyzing their past performances. And, if your team wins the tournament, you get points.

Answer: Fantasy Picks are similar to fantasy prediction, where you have to assemble players to form an efficient team. The game is available on Baazi Mobile Gaming platform with varied options available to play like fantasy cricket, fantasy football picks, fantasy basketball, fantasy IPL 2021 prediction, and many more.

Answer: It is a skill-oriented game that requires research on the players. You need to be fluent in the player’s past performances, team strategy, and match dynamics. This will help you build a highly efficient fantasy team that will fetch you wins and offer you high scores.

Answer: BMG offers you a platform that acknowledges your skills and monetizes them, helping you earn extra cash. You will find multiple fantasy sports prediction games on BMG and its different variations that you can play to earn real money. Join the fantasy predictions Indian premier league 2021 and start earning in real time now.

Answer: You will find multiple websites offering the Fantasy Picks game, but Baazi Mobile Gaming sets the bar high. The platform is highly safe to conduct all monetary transactions, and we have enabled many security checks to ensure there is no suspicious activity. You can trust our website both in terms of security and game efficiency.

Answer: You can play the fantasy game online absolutely free on BMG. We offer both practice and real money games to ensure that our audience’s segment is satisfied with the platform. However, if you play the paid one, there are high chances you can earn good money from it.

Answer: Our platform allows you to collaborate with your friends and play together to win tournaments. For this, you just have to share the game’s link with them to enter the Fantasy Pick prediction match.
Baazi Mobile Gaming offers a wide range of Fantasy Picks team games, helping you monetize your skills and fetch you extra money. You can easily download the Fantasy Picks on your iPhone or Android smartphone.

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