Fantasy Kabaddi Game

We Indians love Kabaddi, as it is our local street sport. Having popularized the game on a global stage, it is natural that we took the game to the digital stage too. So, whether it is league matches or international tournaments, the fantasy kabaddi experience on BMG takes you right into the action. With regular practice and the right insights in place, you can become a pro at fantasy kabaddi and make money from various cash contests.
A-Pro Kabaddi League on BMG which is India's Trusted Fantasy Kabaddi App allows Kabaddi lovers around the world to enjoy this game on their smartphones. People who have downloaded the BMG app can play fantasy kabaddi games on their smartphones. They can also play Pro Kabaddi Fantasy League to win cash online. An expert at fantasy Kabaddi can make some quick bucks with this fantasy kabaddi gaming app on BMG.

Understanding Fantasy Kabaddi

To understand and play fantasy Kabaddi games online, you must be thoroughly acquainted with the rules of the game. Below we have mentioned the rules regarding points for fantasy Kabaddi app gaming for your reference:

  • The captain of the team earns 2x points for the player while the vice-captain earns 1.5x points for the player.
  • Each player in the starting 7 players contributes 4 points to the player.
  • Each substitute appearance in the team contributes 2 points to the player.
  • If all players from the starting 7 are pushed out by the opponents, each player loses 2 points each.
  • If your team pushes all players in the starting 7 in the opponent team, each player gets 3 points each.
  • The players will get rewarded with 4 successful raid touch points.
  • The players will get rewarded with 2 raid bonus points.
  • Each player loses 1 point for every unsuccessful raid.
  • The team gets 5 points for each successful tackle.
  • If your on-field team of 3 or fewer players pushes out all opponents, the team receives 4 points for the super tackle.
  • Individual players on the field may also be given a green card (-2 points), yellow card (-4 points), or red card (-6 points) based on their performance on the field.

How to Play Fantasy Kabaddi Online?

Fantasy sports games are easy to play as you have to pick a team of players. Then, you get to choose a Captain & Vice-Captain in your Fantasy Kabaddi team. The Captain fetches you double the fantasy points he scores in the game and your Vice-Captain gives you 1.5 times his fantasy points so the 2 best players in the squad are usually made as the Captain & Vice-Captain. You can club to 6 teams at a time and do not need to limit yourself to just one team to win the game. Increase your chances of winning the kabaddi fantasy sports game by choosing multiple teams. After choosing the team, go ahead and select the contest you wish to win and start playing.

Now that you know the rules regarding the points system in the fantasy Kabaddi app, you can consider playing the game. To play Fantasy Kabaddi online, you need to download the BMG app on your smartphone. Once you have downloaded the fantasy Kabaddi app on your device, here is how you can play pro fantasy Kabaddi league on the fantasy Kabaddi 2021 league:

  • First, you need to select the fantasy Kabaddi league you wish to be a part of.
  • Once that is done you need to create your team of 7 players.
  • You will be assigned a budget of 100 credit points. Make sure to create a team using these budget points sensibly.
  • You can check the performance of the captain and the vice-captain in the previous matches before selecting them. Since they earn you more points than other players, you need to choose wisely.

As the player, you can update your team members any time before the match starts.

Fantasy Kabaddi Tips

Everyone wishes to win the fantasy Kabaddi Game and contest. The difference between a winner and a loser in fantasy Kabaddi leagues is in the way they plan their competitions. If you are one of those fantasy league app players who don’t know how to win these matches, we have shared some fantasy Kabaddi tips to help you out.

Use the Credit Points Cautiously

Each player gets only 100 credit points. One of the most important fantasy kabaddi tips is to use these credit points wisely while selecting the kabaddi fantasy team. If you use up most of the points on the first few players, you won’t get to choose the remaining members in the kabaddi fantasy team. The performance of your Kabaddi fantasy team in the fantasy kabaddi league decides how you score points.

Pick Your Team Wisely

Another one of fantasy kabaddi tips is to pick the captain and vice-captain who have a good track record. Remember that the captain of the kabaddi fantasy team earns you 2x points and the vice-captain earns you 1.5x points.

You should also choose the right number of raiders, all-rounders, and defenders to ensure victory in the match.

The Daily Fantasy Kabaddi League Online Games app allows you to select a maximum of 3 raiders, maximum of 2 all-rounders, and a maximum of 4 defenders.

Stay Updated with news

The news updates will provide you insights regarding players to update in your team for better performance. You may check the kabaddi team prediction for today's match and get a fair idea of whom to choose. These updates will help you make an optimum choice regarding the team members.

Try All Different Combination

Players have an option to make multiple teams. This is the reason why you need to try out different teams. It will help you check out different options for winning. It is also known that multiple team options enhance your chances of winning the pro kabaddi leagues.

Player History Regarding Getting Cards

The players may be given a green card, yellow card, or red card in the matches based on their performance. These cards tend to reduce points of the players and so does your team too. It is thus best to choose players who have had the least number of cards in their playing history. When a player gets a green card, he loses 2 points; when he gets a yellow card, he loses 4 points and when he gets a red card, he loses 6 points.

Go for players who have had more successful tackles. You also need to check whether records and other game-related predictions before planning any fantasy sports games.

How to Win Real Cash by Playing Fantasy Kabaddi online?

BMG is one of the best gaming websites. You can play your favorite fantasy sports games from the BMG website.

    • Visit the official BMG website
    • Select Fantasy Kabaddi tab
    • Once you are redirected to the fantasy app, select a Kabaddi Match you wish to play
    • Join a contest
    • Create your team by introducing a new player
    • Follow the match
    • After winning a tournament, withdraw your winnings in your E-wallet.

We provide smooth withdrawals and 24*7 Customer support to help you with your game queries. It's a simple and easy process. Just score more to get more credits in your account and then choose from multiple online payment modes (Netbanking, Paytm, Bhim UPI) & transfer your winnings to your bank accounts instantly. The more you participate in the pro-Kabaddi fantasy leagues, your have the greater chance of winning huge sums. So, play more to earn more.

How to download the Fantasy Kabaddi game?

Playing Kabaddi on a field needs a lot of energy but downloading fantasy sports games doesn't. The BMG app is quite simple, as well as easy. “Just go to the link and choose the download option from there itself.” Or the other way is to go to the webpage of BMG and sign in from there.

Entire Procedure for Fantasy Kabaddi Download App:

  • Installation of the app· Let the complete set of files download.
  • Open the downloaded file.
  • The file will automatically start to install.
  • If there is any problem with automatic installation, then, in this case, give all the permission it asks for and then tap on 'install now.'
  • The app will now be installed on your smartphone.

So, what are you waiting for! Go ahead and download BMG, the best Kabaddi fantasy app to enjoy endless gaming between work hours.

Frequently Asked Questions

Answer: Kabaddi Fantasy is the online, skill-based variant of India’s popular sport, Kabaddi. The last is a contact team sport and thus calls for fast speed and quick thinking at all times. However, with BMG at your side, you don’t have to worry at all, as you can create your own online Fantasy Kabaddi squad on the all-new BMG app, even when you are on the go.

Answer: To play Fantasy Kabaddi games online, you need to download the BMG app on your smartphone. BMG app offers you straight-line access between your passion for Kabaddi and creating match-winning fantasy teams. We advise you to visit our detailed coverage on the topic through videos and infographics to help you learn the basics of fantasy gaming online. As a beginner, you can download our app and choose and play the Pro Fantasy Kabaddi League and start winning real cash.

Answer: Winning at fantasy kabaddi games requires skill, patience, and persistence. India’s Trusted Fantasy Kabaddi app, BMG offers a transparent process of offering virtual games and then deciding the winners based on their performances. As mentioned above, a player gets some points based on his selection of players and their respective performance in the real matches.

Answer: In fantasy Kabaddi apps, you have an option to choose multiple teams (up to 6 teams) to increase your chances of winning more fantasy kabaddi games.

Answer: Playing your favorite fantasy sports games and that too with friends is so much fun. Like all of our other categories, we’ve allowed you to take the computer on in some intense head-to-head kabaddi fights. The best part about this category, however, is the online multiplayer. You can join your friends in your team and get started. That’s right, you can play with your friends and make money with them. Just send an invite to your friends and make them join your game.

Answer: If you are a Kabaddi fan who is eager to explore this Indian fantasy game on their smartphone app then the BMG app is the right place for you. This is one place where all Kabaddi fantasy lovers can enjoy online Fantasy Kabaddi gaming and also win cash prizes. If you are a novice and confused about how to go about the app, we are here to guide you. You can start with practice contests to hone your skills.

Answer: You can make a huge sum of money while playing fantasy kabaddi. All you have to do is to

  • Download Fantasy Kabaddi app i.e. BMG app
  • Register your account, and log in
  • Select a kabaddi match you wish to play
  • Join a contest
  • Create your team by introducing a new player
  • Follow the match
  • After winning a Contest, withdraw your winnings in your E-wallet.

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