Fantasy Basketball Game

Basketball is one of the most popular sports, leaving plenty of choices in the gaming kingdom. To be a professional basketball player requires athleticism, strength, and speed. Being tall also helps. However, to play fantasy basketball leagues online, only require an internet connection and a mobile phone or desktop.
Fantasy basketball game downloads are on the rise as they are exciting virtual sports games, where you assemble a virtual team of existing basketball players, based on their real-life statistics. Whether it's your first time playing fantasy games or you're a seasoned fantasy football player looking for a new challenge, this guide aims to educate you about how to play fantasy basketball. Read on to learn exclusive fantasy basketball tips for achieving success and about how BMG can help you win your fantasy leagues and contests.

Fantasy Basketball: How to Play?

Fantasy basketball 2021 leagues work on the same basic principles as any other fantasy sport: the game requires a team of 12 for the match. The players will help to win the points and the points earned by them will help to win the match daily. It is easier to play fantasy basketball online than some other fantasy sports because generally fewer players are drafted in regular formats than in other fantasy games.

Understanding Fantasy Basketball

Fantasy Basketball 2021 game starts with a tip-off, with 2 players of each team battling to get possession or help in possession. After possession, the teams have 24 seconds to score a basket. If the Team scores or fails to score – in both scenarios, possession is passed to the other team.

Rules in Fantasy Basketball Leagues

  • Passes: Only by the hand
  • Movement: Only by Dribbling by a player, while in possession
  • Dribble: Bouncing the ball, Up & Down, While Moving

Scoring: Your Team Points are Calculated Based on the Following Rules:

  • Points Scored 1 point
  • Rebounds - 1.2 points
  • Assists - 1.5 points
  • Steals - 3 points
  • Blocks- 3 points
  • Turn over -1 points

Teams Size & Formation in Basketball

There are a total of 12 players in each team and only 5 players from each team on the Court at a time. Usually, consists of 2 Forwards, 2 Guards, 1 Center

Substitutions in Basketball

  • Only 7 players are allowed on the bench while the total number of players range from 12 to 15 (Starting 5+7 on the Bench)
  • There is no limit on Substitution, Substitution can occur during Time-outs, Intervals, and when Basket happens.

Player Positions

The five players have their positions as mentioned below:

  • Point Guard
  • Shooting Guard
  • Small Forward
  • Power Forward
  • Center

Possessions in Basketball

Opposing teams get the ball via Blocking the Shot, Rebounding the Missed Shots, Stealing the Ball, or Fouls by another team.

Timings & Add-Ons

  • Quarters: (4 10) - NBA, (4 12)
  • In the course of a tied game, a 5-Minute play will be added

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Steps to Play Fantasy Basketball Online!

Fantasy Basketball leagues and contests are an exciting form of fantasy sports that can be played on our platform, Baazi Mobile Gaming uses simple rules and gameplay for the best fantasy sports experience. Just follow these steps to get started.

Game Selection & Registration:

As a first step, you need to select the game you want to play and then move forward to create your Fantasy Basketball 2021 team.

Choices for Player:

Wisely choose the Point-Guards, Shooting Guards, Small Forwards, Power Forwards & Centers as you get a limited 100 credits to select these players. Then select the Star Player for your fantasy basketball team & continue with the registration.

Entering a Competition:

Afterward, you create & save your team, you can enter the contest of your choice. Each contest has its separate entry fee & prize money.

Rules for Team Selection:

Every fantasy sport has a set of defined rules for team selection. When you enjoy this game in the best fantasy basketball Each player carries credit points that get deducted from your available credit limit (100 credits) when you select them.

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Must Check these Important Fantasy Basketball Tips:

There’s nothing more fun and addicting than playing for the final high score in the best fantasy basketball apps of India! Who are you trying to exceed, yourself or the world? The choice is yours. If you truly want to rule the court worldwide, then find a game with a leader board and start climbing your way to the top. If you just like to improve upon your scores, that’s great too. As you work, you’ll find new little tricks for scoring more points. To score more you should consider the following expert tips and strategies for playing the game:

  • Keep up to date with the sport and follow it meticulously.
  • Calculate how the fantasy basketball league you’re playing has allotted points. Some may use more recorded statistics to award each player’s scores than others.
  • If you’re playing fantasy basketball, always have backups in mind. Your first, second and even third choice picks could be taken by other users.
  • Allocations should be permitted in and out of your fantasy team, consider carefully whether taking the penalty points is worthwhile. It might be little pain for long-term gain, as the chance you take.
  • The name of the game is to squeeze maximum value out of the budget owed to you. If you find you have spare funds leftover when picking your fantasy basketball roster, then look again and see if it can be better.
  • One of the main fantasy basketball tips is to look for up-and-coming players who could improve as the season goes on. They are more likely to have a smaller credit value at the start than established names.

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How to win Real Cash by playing Fantasy Basketball online?

  • BMG, one of the best fantasy sports apps in India hosts excellent contests and fantasy basketball leagues. We provide smooth withdrawals and instant deposits.
  • It's a simple and easy process. Just score more to get more credits in your account and then choose from multiple online payment modes (Net banking, PayTM, BHIM UPI) & transfer your winnings to your bank account instantly. We truly believe our safety measures and responsible gaming practices make BMG one of the best fantasy gaming apps in the online gaming field.

How to download a fantasy basketball gaming app?

Playing basketball on a court might need a lot of effort but downloading the best fantasy basketball app doesn't. BMG is one of the best basketball fantasy apps and its usage is quite simple, as well as easy. “Just go to the link and choose the fantasy basketball game download option from there itself.” Or the other way is to go to the official website and sign in from there.

Complete download procedure:

  • Installation of the app·
  • Let the complete set of files download.
  • Open the fantasy basketball game downloaded file.
  • The file will automatically start to install.
  • If there is any problem with automatic installation, then, in this case, give all the permission it asks for and then tap on 'install now.'
  • The app will now be installed on your smartphone.

So, Download the BMG app now & start playing fantasy basketball win real cash and have fun!

Frequently Asked Questions

Answer: Like all of our other categories, we’ve allowed you to take the computer on in some intense head-to-head ball-to-ball battles. The best part about this category, however, is the online multiplayer option. That’s right, you can play with your friends and make your team and then relax. Just send an invite to your friends and make them join your game.

Answer: BMG and basketball sit together on the same platform alongside other fantasy sports. Isn’t that great, if you love the sport that makes for popular fantasy games, everything is all housed in one place.
You don’t have to spend time logging in and out of different websites or apps to tweak your fantasy sports teams. BMG games made fantasy basketball exclusively available for everyone with the click of a finger.

Answer: Yes, of course, you can make real money playing in fantasy Basketball 2022. Certain fantasy basketball leagues are set up where there is a cash prize for finishing first. You will have to pay an entry fee on joining it as that forms the pool of money given to the winner.

Answer: Fantasy Football, Fantasy Basketball, Fantasy Baseball, and Fantasy kabaddi are four such sports that are very popular today.


  • Player choice is a critical element when you play fantasy basketball online.
  • Choose your Star-Player wisely as this player will earn you double the points.
  • Before the player’s selection, make sure to consider the current form of the players.
  • Make good use of the credits to distribute them wisely amongst the field positions since you are limited with the number of player selections for every position.

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