Durak Game

Durak is amongst the most popular card games in Russia. It started to gain popularity in the 18th century during the Russo-French war of 1812. The Durak card game can be easily played by two to five people and a max of 6 players using a 36-card deck. It avoids all cards below 6, including an ace, king, queen, jack, 10, 9, 8, 7, 6.

You play Durak card games online basically by shredding all your cards quickly. There is no winner in the game, but it contains a loser called “Durak.” You need to either have no card or the least number of cards not to be called Durak. The dealer is obliged to offer six cards to all the players, and the next card after this would represent the trump suit.

As per Durak card game rules, all the cards under this suit will have a higher rank than all other card suits, irrespective of the rank printed on them. All the other undealt cards are placed at the center and called “Pickup.” Here, when you play the Durak game, you will either be an attacker or a defender. Both positions change simultaneously as the game proceeds further. The players have to shred all their cards as quickly as possible.

How to Play the Durak Card Game?

The Durak card game online is a game for attackers and defenders, which can be easily played between 2 to 6 players. The tash game starts when the dealer passes on six unique cards to all the players, with the next card being the trump suit. Now, all trump suit cards have greater value than any other suit.

Firstly, the attacker plays a card to which the defender has to offer a card either above the rank of the played card or from the trump suit. If the defendant beats the attacking successfully, the attacker will again play a card that the defender must defend. Both cards must overlap each other to confirm which card should be of the defender and the attacker.

There is also a significant chance that the defender might not defend the card; here, the player will have to pick up all the cards that have been played in that round, including both attacking and defending. The defender has to also pick up cards from the other player with matching ranks that are already played in the Durak card game. The defending rights then pass on to the left player next to the defender. At last, the Durak games end when all players except one lose all their cards and become the loser.

What are Durak card game rules?

1. Like we mentioned above, the Durak card game can be played between two to six players using only 36 cards from the deck. If each player gets six cards, how will you define the trump suit while handling a maximum number of players?

The previous method to determine the trump suit wouldn’t work here; besides, we will have to use the last card from the dealer’s hand as a face-up card, which will be our trump suit.

2. If the defender beats all six cards of the attacker, then all these cards of that round are placed into the discard pile. The defender starts a new game of attacks with the person sitting left to the attacker. No other player is allowed to touch the discarded pile.

3. You can also play durak games in teams. Four or six players can divide themselves into two equal members, one becoming the attacker and another defender.

What is the Durak Game Strategy?

The primary objective of this tash game is to lose all your cards and save yourself from being a loser. Firstly, you shouldn’t defend the trump cards; no matter what you have, you will never win over the trump, so wasting a good card is of no use.

Another successful Durak game strategy will be not using the trump suit if there are not many. Players can surely not waste their one trump suit card to defend any random card. The defender of the tash game needs to understand when to defend and when to take a back and pick up the attacking cards. Save the highest-ranking card of the trump suit till the last, as there are high chances that the attacker itself is keeping a sound card of the trump suit with themselves.

How to Play a Durak Card Game Online?

You can start the Durak online multiplayer game by downloading a mobile or web application that offers a premium gaming experience to all its users. This platform conducts daily tournaments that can help you earn real cash. As beginners, you can go free before starting with the paid ones. You must ensure that the application is authentic and provides a strong channel to pour in and pour out money.

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FAQ: Play Durak Card Game Online

Answer: You can easily play the durak card game with two players. Here, one of them will be the attacker and another defender. The dealer will distribute six cards each, and the next card of the deck will be the trump suit. Now, the attacker will play cards, and the defender has to counter by playing a card above its rank. In the durak game, you have to discard all your cards entirely, and if not, you will be called a Durak or a fool.  

Answer: The Durak card game can be played between 2 to five people using only 36 cards, discarding all the ones below the rank of 6. Each player gets six cards respectively, and the next card of the deck will be representing a trump suit. Here, you either play as an attacker or a defender; one player plays a card, and the other one defends by playing a card above its rank. In the Durak card game, you play to shred all your cards and not be a loser called Durak.