Developed by Playworks Digital, is a water slide racing simulator online game with high speeds, crazy jumps, and the cutest racers in the universe. It is one of the best free games where you follow the course of the slide, jump off and land further down to overtake others and become the first duck to reach the bathtub.

Set in a cozy bathroom, online game is one of the cutest online games where dozens of yellow ducks controlled by real players are trying to reach the finish line of a giant (relatively speaking) track suspended in mid-air that leads to the last stop – the glorious bathtub. Your goal in this one of the best games is to race against other players to be the first one to reach the end of the water slide track.

So, play a quick game and make your ducky the fastest ducky in the world!

Game Rules to Play 

Join a game

To begin the online game, click on the play button on the main menu. Click ‘Solo’ to automatically join the game. Usually, racing in these casual games is simple, as you don’t have to turn corners. Though, you can strafe left to right to catch boosts and knock other ducks off the track to earn points and get ahead.

Enjoy the Perks

The other exclusive feature of is the ability to fly off the edge of the track to gain a huge benefit. That is if you pull it off. If you end up falling to the ground, you lose the game, and your duck will shake its head in disapproval. One more way to fly off the edge is using the boosters around the path.

Buy new duck

When you’ve beat a few games in online game, you’ll get gold rewards that you can spend to unlock new ducks. 

Tips to play Online Game

  • Puffs of steam can help your duck. Use them to jump ahead cautiously
  • Speed boosters will help your duck speed up the pace, but they will also make it tougher to control
  • Always hit the other ducks which could send them flying off the slide!  

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Frequently Asked Questions

Answer: To play online game, you can opt for free mobile download or just play the game free on its website!

Answer: To win online game, control a tiny toy duck to reach the finish line as soon as possible.

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