Doom Game

Doom is a science fiction-based fps video game series that was originally released by Id Software in 1993. The original Doom online game set the benchmark for the growth and popularity of first-person shooter online games with friends. The original installment in Doom games is categorized into 3 nine-level episodes followed by an updated release of a 4th episode in the next Doom online game in 1995. 

Folks playing Doom online reached an estimated 20 million in its 2 years of release, and the Doom games series also pepped up the craze for the online multiplayer games genre among the masses. Assuming that you like to play Doom online carrying the vibe of a 90s kid, the fps genre with customized additions is enough to get you hooked. However, the graphic satanic imagery and violence of the Doom video games series were the subject of controversy back in the day.

You can play Doom online both on PC and Android devices now and enjoy these online games to play with friends the easy way. Doom games are certainly fun games to play with friends online and still rank high on the list of free online multiplayer games even in 2021.

Core Plot of Doom Games & How to Play?

  • When you play Doom online, you take on the role of an unnamed space marine who came to be known as the ‘Doomguy’ and must fight mobs of invading demons from Hell. The plot of the Doom games kicks off with the Union Aerospace Corporation exploring teleportation technology on Mars’ two moons, Phobos and Deimos when they accidentally end up breaking open a gateway to Hell. 
  • Now, Phobos is rampant with demonic monsters and the other Moon simply disappears. Therefore, when a squad of marines is sent to the planet Phobos to figure things out, all except one dude survive. That's you of course and as the last man standing, it's finally up to you to grab your weapons and strike back to stop those horrific monsters from attacking Earth when you play Doom online.
  • You can play Doom online in crazy episode-wise format, all dipped in knee-deep in action wherein, you must be able to find the exit in each level and the only way to do so is by killing the demons when in Doom games. In the Doom games series of online multiplayer games, technology is complex, so, you can enjoy using a wide range of weapons for maximum impact on enemies. When you play Doom online, you get pistols, shotguns, chain guns, and plasma rifles with higher firing rates and greater impact as well as the favorite of all, the rocket launcher that must be used carefully though.
  • When you play the best multiplayer games with a legacy on their own, this is what you get- two more stunning weapons- a chainsaw for close-range savaging and a BFG9000 energy gun, which if used well, can destroy enemies with a single shot. Remember to pick the correct set of ammo for your weapons to play Doom online multiplayer games and give it a real go.
  • When you play free multiplayer games of Doom online, there’s an auto-map that helps you navigate the levels. There’s literally so much going on in the original Doom games that you won’t have time to complain. So, go ahead and play Doom online games with friends and if you want to touch base on the Doom games series, play Doom online, its classic version, and soak in the 90s legacy of the then-best multiplayer games.

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Frequently Asked Questions

Answer: You can play Doom online with your buddies by sending them an invite to a party from the game’s Social Menu. Highlight their name and simply tap, “Invite to Party” and play the best multiplayer games of Doom online with your friends.

Answer: The original version of Doom games is one of the most fun games to play with friends online. However, you can only play Doom online Eternal with your friends. Simply tap “Invite to Party” to pull them over from the friend list from the same platform and enjoy Doom games with your friends.

Answer: BMG, indeed, has the most stunning collection of fun games to play with friends online, both free online multiplayer games and make-money games as well. It features the best multiplayer games across stakes such as Poker, Rummy, Calls Break, Fantasy Sports, Carrom, Pool, and lots more to give you plenty of opportunities to earn money playing games online in a secure environment.