Top 10 Desi Games To Play Online on BMG

Among the many internets of things, desi games seem to have been running behind amongst a more complicated set of options. From time to time, it's healthy to practice going back to simpler times and enjoy some harmless fun to bust stress. In this regard, we bring to you a traditional list of the best desi games to play online that have been with us for a while now but now, they come in new digital avatars adding an interesting tweak to your previous experiences during Sunday afternoons.

The good part of experiencing these desi games to play online today is that you can even stand to win real money. Yes, they have indeed donned the new avatar of money-earning games online! Without ado, let’s find out this exciting list of fun desi games to play right away!

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Carrom is one of those casual games to play that have been with most of us since childhood. You can now play Carrom time pass games online and invite your friends over and bridge the distance if they happen to be away. 

The concept of Carrom board time pass games is to pocket pieces in turns as per their chosen colours before the game begins. However, neither participant can win until one of the two players has pocketed the Queen in these online games to play. To do so, a player needs to pocket one of his or her pieces right after pocketing the Queen which also gives you extra points when you play Desi games of Carrom.

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Ludo Online Game

If you wish to play Desi games online, Ludo would probably be one of our top picks. Did you know this game originated way back in 3300 BC in India? So fun and pleasurable, Ludo Classic casual games also spun into other popular variations such as Sorry and Parcheesi. Today, you can even play money earning games of Ludo to earn real cash on credible gaming apps in India.

In fact, you can play Ludo online games with your friends without having to be together all in one place. As per the rules, all players get four pieces of different colours placed in each corner of the Ludo board. You must use the pieces to follow the paths and corridors drawn on the board clockwise to return to the path with the same colour as your pieces and then inside the home column. The player to pocket all his four pieces to home first wins these classic time pass games to play.

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Ashtapada Online Casual Game

We don’t know if you have heard of these casual games but, like Ludo, Ashtapada desi games go way back and happen to be a predecessor of what we call Chess today. Like Chess online games to play, the Ashtapada desi game is divided into squares of 8x8 grids but of the same colour. Like Ludo, it is a dice game with markings on the centre square and the corners of the board. The squares are known as castles and the pieces on these squares can be safe or can be captured or removed by your opponents in these best online mobile games.

When you play desi like time pass games like this one, all players get an even number of pieces. Your goal is to move a single piece clockwise around the board by entering the castle and then regain one’s castle by moving in a clockwise direction in order to reach the centre.

Call Break Online Game

Call Break is one heck of a tash wala game whose origins can be traced to India and Nepal and is said to be spawned from the card game called Spades. Call Break online games can be great picks for get-togethers, occasional parties or just respite from the blues, not to mention you can play them as real money earning games as well. 

When you play Call Break desi games, the objective is to estimate bids or tricks you think you can collect by the end of the game. If you fail to collect the minimum number of bids you estimated before the game began, you get negative points, if you make the exact number of bids you get a positive score. If you manage to collect more bids than your original estimation, you get extra points in these casual games. Spades are the trump and beat all other suited cards in Call Break desi games.

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Moksha Patam Board Game

Moksha Patam is a classic board game that dates back to its origins in ancient India that was a means of entertaining children and imbibing morality. To many’s surprises, now these online games are commonly known to be Snakes and Ladders. 

When you play desi games of Moksha Patam, the idea is to teach people the way to reach heaven also known as “Moksha”  and let go of the bondage of passion. Played between 2 to 4 players, the ladder in the desi game symbolises the ascendance from one level of enlightenment to another and the snake emulates immoral behaviour leading to degeneration. The first player to reach or attain the highest heaven becomes the winner. 

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