Dehla Pakad Game

Dehla Pakad is a famous trick-taking card game in India and is similar to another popular game called Whist. Dehla Pakad in English is also known as Court Piece, Troeofcall, Hokm, and Rung. The Dehla Pakad online game is played within a standard deck of 52 cards by making teams of 2 and therefore, best played among 4 players. Aces are high and 2s are low in this card game.

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Dehla Pakad Game Objective:

The goal of the Dehla Pakad game is to collect a maximum number of tens to win Kots. One Kot is equal to four 10s. 

Card Dealing Rules in Dehla Pakad

Players pick a dealer at random who shuffles the pack and deals 5 cards face down in one batch to each player as per the Dehla Pakad rules. Once the dealer deals out the rest of the cards from the deck in batches of 4, the trump is decided for the Dehla Pakad game.

Online Trumps Card Game Selection Rules

When you learn how to play Dehla Pakad games, you can pick either of the two methods to select the trump. 

Method 1:

The Dehla Pakad game starts after each player is dealt 5 cards and continues without the trump until one of the players fails to follow the lead suit. As per the Dehla Pakad rules, in this place, whatever suit this player plays automatically becomes the trump for the game. The dealer then distributes the remaining cards and the gameplay continues. You can either win the trick with the trump card or another player who plays a higher trump as per the Dehla Pakad rules.

Method 1 needs players, to be honest about following suit. If honesty is out of the question, try Method 2 when you learn how to play the Dehla Pakad card game.

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Method 2:

After the initial round of the deal, the player on the dealer’s right picks the trump and declares the trump suit based on his 5 cards. The dealer deals with the remaining cards and the player who declared trump leads by playing one of his 13 cards for the 1st trick in the Dehla Pakad online game.

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Frequently Asked Questions

Answer: Dehla Pakad online game is a trick-taking game of cards played in teams of two. The objective is to collect as many kots a player can to win the Dehla Pakad game. Cards are dealt in two phases and the eldest hand decides the trump for the game. Players must play higher cards of the same suit to collect a trick, if not available, then they can play a trump to win the trick as per Dehla Pakad rules.

Answer: The Dehla Pakad game in English defines itself as a trick-taking card game where players are required to collect maximum tricks containing the most number of tens to win Kots. The team that wins maximum Kots wins a Dehla Pakad online game.