Defend Your Base in Defenders Mission

Defenders Mission is an action game where the player has to defend one’s territory from enemy fighter jets and tanks. As the protagonist, you need to take up the role of a soldier to defend enemy attacks and strike the enemies in order to end the war in the Defenders Mission. The game is well mobile oriented with the size of just 13.9 MB, therefore, it isn’t much of a space grabber on your smartphone.

Defenders Mission is one of free online games that was released in 2014 and has been one of the most played online multiplayer games on the internet. You can either download the apk file of Defenders Mission on your PCs or smartphones or you can directly enjoy the free online game on Baazi Mobile Gaming app (BMG). To play Defenders Mission on BMG, all you need to do is download the app from our official website and select the game to play.

How to Install BMG on Android Device ?

Defenders Mission gameplay

The gameplay of Defenders Mission is simple and the controls of the game are also very easy. You will have arrow buttons to control the movement of the player in Defenders Mission and there is also a fire button using which you can attack the enemies. Make sure that you attack your enemies precisely if you want to defend your base in the Defenders Mission game.

In the Defenders Mission game, all your jet fighters are destroyed by enemy tanks and now, it is your chance to turn the tide against your enemies by taking the fight to them. You also have the option of using a shield to protect yourself from enemy attacks in Defenders Mission.

Tips and Tricks to Play Defenders Mission

The ultimate aim of the Defenders Mission game is to protect your base from enemy attacks and you only have a few disposal weapons to defend yourself. So, here are a few tips and tricks on how to play Defenders Mission and make it till the end.

  1. Take the fight to your opponents, The only way of defending your base in Defenders Mission is to take the fight to your enemy. Attack them as much as you can to defend your post.
  2. There are red mines planted in the Defenders Mission game, so be careful when on the move. Always be on alert and keep a lookout for the red mines or else you will be killed instantly if you step on one of them.
  3. Use the option of shield to protect yourself from enemy attacks in the Defenders Mission game. Be smart on using the shields and resort to them only when the attacks from the enemy intensifies.
  4. Kill as many enemies as you can in the Defenders Mission. As soon as you kill all your enemies you win these online multiplayer games. So, rather than being on the defensive mode, attack your enemies as hard as you can.

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How to download the BMG app?

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  • Go to the Baazi Mobile Gaming website
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Frequently Asked Questions

Answer: You can play Defenders Mission online on the Baazi Mobile Gaming app. Simply download the Baazi Mobile Gaming app to play Defenders Mission online on your smartphones and play to win real cash.

Answer: No, the Defenders Mission game is not a multiplayer game. Although you can enjoy Defenders Mission online on Baazi Mobile Gaming, it isn’t one of the online multiplayer games, so you cannot enjoy the game with your friends.

Answer: You will find a lot of apks of Defenders Mission in various cloud servers from where you can download it for free. Just make sure that the cloud server is genuine. Also if you want to play Defenders Mission online, you can just hop onto Baazi Mobile Gaming where you can play it as a free online game.

Answer: BMG is an online games app where you can play the best free online games and online games with your friends to win real money. Make a minimum deposit on to your BMG account, hit the lobby, choose the stakes and play the best online multiplayer games on our BMG app such as Poker, Carrom, Knife Hit, Fantasy Sports and win cash prizes daily.

Answer: Yes, you can download the Baazi Mobile Gaming app on your iOS devices and enjoy the Defenders Mission game. You can play thrilling online multiplayer games on BMG and rev up the fever with Online Poker, Fantasy Sports, Knife Hit, Street Fighter, Dead End and lots more.