Dead End Game

Dead End is a free game where you have to kill zombies to survive the zombie apocalypse in FPS mode. The Dead End game is about 418 MB and has more than 5 downloads. With 3.7 rating, Dead End is rising up in the list of one of the most played games quite fast. It is addictive and super fun to play with easy controls and decent graphics. The Dead End game has imagery reminiscent of Resident Evil, and gameplay reminiscent of Call of Duty Zombies. It is hard to quit playing the game once you start. It is, indeed, one of the best free games to play to kill your time during this lockdown

In the Dead End game, the zombie apocalypse has begun and the world is facing the nightmare of being chased by zombies. In this free game, each day can be your last so you need all your skills to survive the zombies. So, in order to survive, you need to create your own powerful weapon, equip yourself with supplies to increase your health, make a good strategy and shoot the zombies before they see you to win this war against the dead. In the awesome free game though, the zombies are not stupid and will attack you from everywhere when you least expect it so you need to be on alert. So, always be prepared with your finger on the trigger. The future of humanity in this free game depends on you, so shoot to kill without blinking.

Dead End is an offline game that you can easily download from Playstore on your android mobile phones. This game isn’t an online game so you can’t play it with your friends. On the brighter side, you can play it without an internet connection.

How to Play Dead End?

In the Dead End game, the apocalypse has begun and a real nightmare is happening on earth right now. A world invaded by dead walkers sounds frightening, doesn't it? Only a special sniper can save the world and that sniper is none other than you! So, you will need all the tools and knowledge at your disposal to win this war against the zombies. Be smart and always be on alert mode because you never know from where and when the zombies will strike. Even though it’s just one of those free games, a lot is on your shoulders now.

In this free game, all you need to do is kill the different kinds of zombies that have invaded your planet. In this zombie apocalypse play game, there are different levels and to pass each level successfully, you will have to shoot down all the zombies you come across by using different strategies and weapons. In Dead End, you will come across different kinds of zombies so it's a good idea to know the zombies and their abilities better. Here is the list of different kinds of zombies that you will find in Dead End.

  • Basic Zombie who has weak defense and power. They can be eliminated easily with just a few blows or normal bullets.
  • Zombie Wolves are faster than most zombies but have weaker power. After all, they are just a bunch of angry wolves. Flame bullets and freeze bullets come super handy when you come across these in the Dead-end game.
  • Zombie Pigmen are slightly faster than other zombies. It is a zombie pigman with armor on, and is hostile to all players. In such online games, be careful of them because they are extremely powerful and can kill you almost instantly.
  • Bombie is the first zombie boss in Dead End. They are extremely powerful and you need to be cautious when dealing with them. They can finish you in seconds.
  • Fire Zombies appear in rounds 11-20. Their attacks will light you on fire, so try to kill them without catching their attention. Freeze bullets are your go-to weapon when you come across these fire zombies in Dead End.
  • Magma Cube Zombie appears in rounds 12-20 and spawns three magma cubes when killed. Typically, the Magma Cubes can be one-shotted by most guns.
  • Lil' Bombie is a zombie that explodes when killed in the Dead End game. It is a baby zombie with a TNT head so make sure you are killing them from a distance in one of these online games. Never kill lil’ bombies in close combat because they might blow you up when you kill them.
  • The broadcaster is the final zombie boss in Dead End. You need to be extra careful when dealing with them. They can kill you within seconds, so, always be well prepared to fight them by upgrading all your weapons and armors to their full capacity.

How to Download the App?

Dead End is an offline FPS game where you need to shoot down zombies to save your planet from the zombie apocalypse. This free game is easily available in the Play Store and Apple store for your android and iOS devices. Since the game is just about 418 MB, you can easily download it over your mobile data or wi-fi. There are also apk files available for Dead End on some online sites. You just need to find a genuine site to download the apk for this free game.

Frequently Asked Questions

Answer: Dead End is an offline zombie shooter game in FPS mode. You play as a sniper who has to protect his planet from a zombie apocalypse by shooting the zombies down.

Answer: You cannot play the game online because it is an offline game.
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Answer: The Dead End is an offline game. To score high in the game you need to kill as many zombies as you can. With each zombie kill you get an XP which helps you in getting higher ranks.

Answer: You cannot win real cash by playing Dead End. If you want to win some cash by playing free online games to play with friends, visit Baazi Mobile Gaming (BMG) one of the best multiplayer online free games apps to play and earn real money.

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Answer: Yes Dead end is a free game which you can easily download on your android and ios devices. It is completely free to download but there are a few items in the game which you can purchase only if you want.

Answer: It is a zombie shooter game where the planet is facing a zombie apocalypse and you have to save it by shooting down as many zombies as you can. You are the only one the whole planet is relying on to save it from the dead walkers.