Dark Souls: One of the Most Challenging Role Playing Game Series Ever

About Dark Souls Game

Dark Souls: is a 3rd person action role playing game that’s been touted as one of the best video games of all times. Created by FromSoftware and published by Namco Bandai Games, the Dark Souls game is the 2nd sequel to Demon’s Souls in the entire Dark Soul series. A remastered version of the 1st game was released named, Dark Souls Remastered which is one of the Dark Souls games  from the series to be ever released on Nintendo in 2018. The Dark Souls Remastered also came with the DLC, “Arotias of the Abyss” in the base game.

The Dark Souls game is set in the fictional kingdom of Lordran where the protagonists wear the role of a cursed undead character who sets upon a pilgrimage to unravel the fate of their species. The mechanics and theme of the Dark Souls game is an open world that revolves around exploration in which players must proceed with caution, learn from their mistakes and find alternative places to explore and discover. 

This Dark Souls role playing game has been praised as one of the best online games of all time due to its intricate level formation, in-depth combat and impressive flavour text. However, some critics challenged the difficulty level of the role playing game as too unforgiving. Selling over 2 million copies worldwide, two sequels including Dark Souls Remastered went out there in the market. The Dark Souls games aren’t free online games, you can buy it from retail stores for INR 2,499.

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How to Play the Dark Souls game?

In the Dark Souls game, you can travel between different locations and explore paths as you choose when you meet the goals to unlock areas. Your character can rest in the bonfires that are checkpoints for each level and hence, placed throughout the open word. 

You heal yourself, level up and perform other tasks like attuning magic, repairing and upscaling your equipment in the Dark Souls game. On the flip side, all enemies except for the bosses/mini bosses re-spawn when you sit near the bonfire.

In Dark Souls and Dark Souls Remastered, combat include melee attacks such as swords, spears and maces and fantasy swords and clubs, various defense mechanics and magical powers. Magical defense includes miracles and pyromancies. All combats have trade offs and variations in the Dark Souls game. Interestingly, this role playing game allows you to play your character either in human or hollow form. In the Dark Souls game, if you die in human form, you return in hollow form and must consume something to become human again. 

The role playing game also offers a multiplayer game mode, wherein you can summon other players but you need to be human. In the Dark Souls game and Dark Souls remastered, you shall be subjected to invasions by other players and non player characters who seek to kill the player.

In the Dark Souls game, players can’t interact with each other, the only line of communication happens through soapstones that allow you to write preset phrases that others from the same region can read. In the role playing game of Dark Souls Remastered version, players can enjoy co-op mode or PvP combat with each other.

All in all, both versions of the Dark Souls game and Dark Souls Remastered role playing games are an exclusively immerse experience that you must take upon if you love fantasy role playing action adventure games with stunning graphics and audio visuals. Both the Dark Souls game and Dark Souls Remastered are available on PlayStation, Microsoft Windows and Xbox, however, they are not free games.

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Frequently Asked Questions

Answer: In the Dark Souls game, you play the role of a cursed undead character who sets on a journey to discover the fate of your kind. The main theme is to explore and discover and kill enemies on the way by playing any of the available roles in the role playing game.

Answer: Dark Souls remastered isn’t a free game. You can purchase Dark Souls remastered PS$ version currently at a discounted rate of INR 1976 on Amazon India.

Answer: You can play Dark Souls role playing game with friends in the co-op mode or enjoy Players versus Player duels online. You can set a password by going to settings and share it with your friends and then leave a summon sign on the ground in the game to invite them over.

Answer: Baazi Mobile Gaming is one of India’s best android multiplayer gaming apps where you can play the best free games and free online games for stakes and win real money through your skills on a secure platform.

Answer: BMG is a legal, licensed platform launched by the parent company, Baazi Games, a celebrated and trusted name in the real money gaming business in India. Enjoy secure and player driven online gaming across a vast array of free games that you can also play for real money.

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