Cut The Rope Game

Time to ditch other games and start playing extremely exciting and super fun Cut the Rope! This Mattel game brings the enthusiasm of the video game to a board game. While the monster, Om Nom keeps waiting on the top, your job is to cut the ropes to bring him down. 

Already sound’s exciting, doesn't it? Well, this game is responsible for creating a huge adrenaline rush. The kind of obstacles and dangers you face on the way keeps adding to the fun and adventure.

This puzzle game is based on the award-winning video game - Cut the Rope. One of the top-selling applications, the children seem to be in awe of the game and love to spend their time cutting the ropes holding the candy monster Om-nom wants. This game is suited for all age groups. To believe the data, in May 2015, Cut the Rope games were downloaded more than 600 million times which surpassed a billion downloads by the year 2018.

Let us know more about this puzzle game before you begin your journey of interacting with the hungry monster! Also, stay tuned till the end, we got a bunch of mobile games that you can play on one of India’s best-earning apps and win real cash.

History of Cut the Rope

Cut the Rope online was the first game online in the series which was launched on February 28, 2010. The HD version of the game was released on October 6, 2010, for the iPad tablet. Then came the release of a free version which had several levels for every device. It was called Cut the Rope Free and Cut the Rope HD Free.

The Android version of the video game online also came in June 2011, followed by the DSiWare version which was released on September 22, 2011, in Europe and November for North America on Nintendo DS. In 2012, a limited version of the game also came as a browser game for HTML5 browsers.

Where is Cut the Rope From?

Cut the Rope online is a series of games that was developed by an entertainment company called ZeptoLab. The company ensured that this game online was available on several platforms and devices. It not only launched the original game called Cut the Rope 2010 which was published by Chillingo, but other games too such as Cut the Rope: Holiday Gift in 2010, Cut the Rope: Experiments in 2011, Cut the Rope: Time Travel in 2013, Cut the Rope 2 in 2013 for iOS and 2014 for Android, My Om Nom in 2014 for iOS and 2015 for Android, and Cut the Rope: Magic in 2015.

How to Play Cut the Rope?

The aim of this puzzle game is to feed candy to the pet monster's mouth by cutting the ropes. As the level progresses, the mobile game introduces fun elements such as bubbles, blowers, and obstacles like spikes and spiders. You also need to collect three stars in each puzzle, making the game more engaging. These stars are imperative to unlock other stages in the game.

  • There are 25 puzzles in each stage and every puzzle needs you to collect 3 stars. So, there are a total of 75 total stars in each box. Some of the puzzles or boxes in the game online are Cardboard Box, Fabric Box, Foil Box, Gift Box, Magic Box, etc.
  • Other than attempting to get a piece of candy into On Nom’s mouth by cutting the strands of rope, the players also need to pass through without hitting the obstacles along the way. You need to maneuver the candy in such a way that it reaches Om Nom.
  • Three stars are spread on each level of this mobile game. The players who are able to touch them with the candy, get a good score in the game online.
  • As the players keep passing the different levels in the mobile game, many new challenges keep getting added to the mix.
  • The game starts with a simple rope that needs an easy cutting task.
  • In the game ahead, harder levels with bubbles come where it gets tough to help the candy float across the box. There are balloons too that push the floating candy in different directions.
  • The obstacles keep becoming bigger and more difficult in the game online.
  • Before the spiders take the candy away from On Nom, the players must cut the rope.
  • You will experience numerous situations in which the rope will need to be cut at precisely the right time so that the candy goes straight to the Om Nom's mouth.
  • The player must guess ahead thinking about where the candy will go when they cut the rope. To avoid getting stuck, the players need to adjust to the new tools and get to understand how to use the same effectively.
  • By remaining alert and adjusting to the new hurdles, the players will taste success in the game and earn cash on the money-making app. 
  • Players must examine the level before jumping in. Only then, you will be able to devise the right strategy in the game online. Determining the correct and the quickest way to get the candy and feeding it to Om Nom is the key to winning the game online.

Is Cut the Rope is Free Game?

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Frequently Asked Questions

Answer: The objective of the Cut the Rope online is to feed candy to the tiny green creature named Om Nom, while the player attempts to collect the stars in the game online.

Answer: The different versions of the game include Cut the Rope: Holiday Gift in 2010, Experiments in 2011, Time Travel in 2013, Cut the Rope 2 in 2013 for iOS and 2014 for Android, My Om Nom in 2014 for iOS and 2015 for Android, and Cut the Rope: Magic in 2015.

Answer: Cut the Rope game online is owned and developed by the Russian entertainment company ZeptoLab. The original game of the same name was published by Chillingo in 2010.

Answer: The main thing in this game online is that the player has to cut the rope of the monster. Every rope carries some stars, and the players are expected to collect the most of the stars to become a winner!

Answer: The players need to be efficient and time wisely in this game online. By staying alert, the players can earn more stars and get to unlock new boxes on the earning app. It is vital to develop a systematic approach to achieving your goals and becoming the winner of the mobile game online.