Love Action Adventure? Welcome to Crashlands!

Crashlands is an action-adventure role-playing mobile game which is developed and published by an American gaming company called the Butterscotch Shenanigans. With a 4.4 rating at the Google Play Store and more than 100 K downloads, Crashlands is one of the most loved mobile games. Crashlands isn’t one of the free-to-play games and you need to pay around Rs. 550 to download the mobile game. This no internet game file size is 149 MB and can be downloaded using mobile data or wifi.

 In the Crashlands game, you play the character of a galactic delivery truck driver whose name is Flux Dabes.  In this no internet game, your shipment is interrupted by an alien named Hewgodooko.  You will have to fight, tame, craft, quest, bossfight, and adventure your way to domination in the Crashlands game to recover your shipment from the aliens. Crashlands is an adventure-crafting RPG game that is backed by an epic story arc.

How to Play Crashlands?

In the Crashlands mobile game, you play the character of an intergalactic truck driver who gets marooned by an alien boss named Hewgodooko. You must gather up all the cargo and head back to deliver the goods before your employer cuts your pay so you must use everything at your disposal to survive and get going.  Here are a few tips and tricks to play Crashland and make the most of your galactic journey.

  1. Every quest matters in the Crashlands game as there are recipes for powerful items or pieces of furniture that the quest givers hold. These quest givers are also the source of boss-fight encounters so when you come across them be sure that a boss-fight is just around the counter.
  2. Unlike other crafting games, there’s no penalty for carrying thousands of items in Crashlands, so harvest everything that you find. You can pick up everything that you think will help you in your quests. 
  3. Make tons of bombs and potions as they are your best friends in the Crashlands game. They come super handy when you are fighting against the aliens or in your boss fights.
  4. Just like in real life, things that you make take their own sweet time in the Crashlands game. You can utilize that time to build other things like bombs and potions or extensions to your base.
  5. You get to choose different pets during your fights in the Crashlands mobile game and each of these pets comes with different types of damage, attack patterns, and buffs to you. Picking up the right pet can make your combat a lot smoother.
  6. Always carry signs with you in the Crashlands mobile game so that you can quickly mark parts of the map where you find a pocket of rare resources or epic creatures.

How to download Crashlands?

The Crashlands mobile game is a no internet game that’s also one of the trending online multiplayer games which can be played offline. This mobile game was released in the year 2016 and won a couple of awards to claim a place in the top 50 games list in the year 2016. The Crashlands mobile game is around 149 MB and can be downloaded using mobile data or wifi.

This no internet game is available on both Google Play Store and Apple Store for download on your android and iOS smartphones and tablets. However, Crashlands is one of those mobile games which isn’t free to play games. You will have to buy the game to enjoy it on your smartphones and tablets. Crashlands is available on Google Play Store for Rs. 550 and Rs. 518 in the Apple store.

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Frequently Asked Questions

Answer: No, Crashlands isn’t among the money-earning games but if you are in the mood to play online multiplayer games to win real money, you can download the BMG, one of India's best money-making apps, and play games to win real money.

Answer: Megagong is the most legendary weapon in the Crashlands mobile game. It is also considered as the most powerful weapon in the no internet game which is obtained by fishing in the Tundra Biome.

Answer: Crashlands is a no internet single-player game. As this mobile game doesn’t have a multiplayer option, you cannot play it together with your friends and have to face all the enemies on your own.

Answer:  There isn’t a multiplayer option in Crashlands. You cannot play any internet game with your friends in multiplayer mode and it all depends on you how you win your battles. For more online multiplayer games, visit BMG and play simple fun games like Pool, Carrom, and Rummy to win real money.

Answer: Yes, there will be Crashlands 2 because it just popped up on the Play Store for early access. For the time being, it’s just for internal testing by the developers of this no internet game and will be available to the general public very soon.

Answer: The latest version of Crashland was updated on 08/06/2021 which added new weapons and new missions for players to fight the boss aliens. The size of the latest update is 97 MB and can be updated using mobile data or wifi.

Answer: Well, there isn’t a time limit for you to complete Crashlands. It completely depends on how much you play the game and how skilled you are in fighting the aliens. So, you can’t say how long it takes to complete the Crashland mobile game.