Codeword Game

The Codeword game is an online puzzle word game that is played in two teams, team red and team blue. Codeword online is the online representation of the board game Codenames with slightly different rules. The Codeword online game board consists of 25 words that are randomly generated. There is also a spymaster in each of the teams in the Codeword online puzzle.

The online puzzle word game is developed by two Indians Bharath Jaladi and Romit Nagda. The Codeword game is a browser-based game that you can play on your PCs, laptops, smartphones, and tablets.  To play this online puzzle word game, you can go straight to their online website, 

Decode the Words Without Finding the Bomb in Codeword

To get started with the Codeword game, you will either have to create a game or join a Codeword online game hosted by some other player. To create a room in the online puzzle word game, you will have to enter your username and then, give a name to your room and share it with your friend. You can also share the URL of your Codeword online game with your friends and enjoy the word game together. The host of the Codeword game is the one who assigns both the teams. 

How to Play?

In this online puzzle word game, 25 words are randomly generated and the players are split into two teams. The team which goes first has 9 words while the other team has just 8 words out of the 25 words in the Codeword game. Out of the left-out words, 7 of them are neutral words and one is the bomb word. 

Each team has a spymaster in Codeword online who knows the exact words which belong to their team and also the opposing team. He/She is aware of the neutral words as well as the bomb which are there in Codeword online. The main objective of the online puzzle word game is for the spymaster to help the other members of his team by giving out clues about the words to decode them without uncovering the bomb. Whichever team decodes their words first wins the Codeword game and in case, a team finds the bomb,  then the opposing team wins Codeword online, even if they haven’t decoded all their words yet.

There are also a set of rules for the spymaster in Codeword online while giving out the clues and helping the teammates to decode the word. Here are the rules of the Codeword game:

  1. The clue which the spymaster gives out while playing Codeword online must relate to the meaning of the word and not the word directly.
  2. There is a board in the Codeword game which displays words and the spymaster cannot use a single word from that board.
  3. A part of the compound word that is still visible on the board cannot be used by the spymaster in this online puzzle word game.  

Frequently Asked Questions

Answer: The Codeword game is a browser-based game that can be only played online. There is no way for you to enjoy the online puzzle word game without an active internet connection. No internet means no fun. 

Answer: The Codeword game is played between two teams whose main objective is to decode the words given to them without finding the bomb word. Whichever team decodes all the given words first is the winner of Codeword online. If one team finds the bomb word, then the other team wins the match automatically.

Answer: Yes, the Codeword game can be played with your friends as it is an online multiplayer game. Each team can have a maximum of 4 players including the spymaster of their team. You can also choose to play multiplayer online games with friends such as Poker, Rummy, Fantasy Sports, Falling Through, Carrom, Pool, and many more to win real money.

Answer: Codeword online is a browser-based game, so you can directly play the word game without downloading it. You can log into the Codeword given by visiting their official website or you will find it in Crazy Games which is a website the browser-based games.