Clue Game

The clue is a mystery board game that can be enjoyed by players of all ages. The Clue game is just an hour-long game where the players need to investigate a murder by collecting evidence. When you play the Clue online game, the player who ultimately finds out which three cards are hidden in a secret envelope with the answers to Mr. Boddy’s murder becomes the winner.

You play the Clue game by being a part of the Hasbro family board game anywhere on the go. In the Clue online game, you need to figure out the killer of a fictional character named Mr. Boddy. Details like which mansion, and the murder of a weapon are crucial to cracking the Clue game. Several spin-offs have been out since its inception in 1943 featuring new characters, varied gameplay, rooms, and weapons.

The Clue online game allows you to improve your logical thinking and deductive reasoning skills, so if you are up for a challenge, this is the game for you. You can download the Clue game from the App Store and the Play Store depending on the device you wish to play at. You can download Clue on your smartphone and play it for free. 

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Back to the subject, if you are digging this, here’s all you need to know about the Clue game.

How to Play Clue Game?

The Clue game calls for a distinct setup and game rules. Here’s the setup you are looking for.

  • Clue game board with 9 rooms
  • 6 colored tokens, each one of which represents one of the suspects
  • 6 miniature weapons:
  • Pack of cards for the Clue game: 1 card for each suspect
  • Notebook
  • Case file confidential envelope
  • Dice


Once you get all the pieces covered, you can set up to play the Clue game. Each player gets the turn to roll the dice and move an assigned token along the squares and into the rooms of the mansion. When you play Clue online game, you take part in different detective activities throughout the game until one of the players believes they know precisely the three cards that are hidden in the secret envelope.

Here’s how you play the Clue game.

  • All players pick a character piece
  • One player sorts the cards by kind and shuffles each of the piles face down.
  • The player who shuffles takes one suspect card, one room card, and one weapon card without looking at them and then slides them into the secret envelope in the Clue game.
  • Post that, another one shuffles and deals the remaining cards to the players clockwise until all cards are distributed in the Clue online game.
  • You need to place one murder weapon in each room.
  • Next, you must place the character pieces on the assigned squares in the beginning to start the Clue game.

Movement in Gameplay

In order to begin your turn, roll your dice to move your token or use a secret passage when you are placed in a corner room. If you roll the dice in the Clue game, you can move your token horizontally or vertically, backward or forward, not diagonally. When you play the Clue game, you cannot enter a space that another player occupies. All in all, if you dig classic mystery games, download Clue online game and solve the most fantastic mystery ever.

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