city cricket

Crick, Crick, Cricket.. Don’t throw your wickets!


It’s India’s favorite game, Cricket! Do we need to say anything more? Select your favorite team and start hitting those balls out of the stadium to earn maximum points. See you on the ground!

How to Play City Cricket On BMG?

Play City Cricket and Earn Real Money!

Your dream of playing cricket and earning money is finally going to come true. Obviously we are not going to tell you how to play cricket because you are an expert at that. We’d just like to provide you a platform where you can show those expertise and win!

Play City Cricket Game Online & Win Real Money

City cricket is more than just playing games; it’s an emotion that allows you to virtually stand on a cricket ground and play like your favorite player. The player can easily select a team and polish its batting skills. If you play cricket online on Baazi Mobile Gaming (BMG), you could start with free games and get comfortable with the game format.
BMG is a premium platform that keeps user experience upfront and monetizes their skills by casually playing at home. Indeed, BMG offers you a fabulous gaming experience with a chance to win REAL cash every day.
Isn’t this exciting? Read on to know more about city cricket gaming.

Why Play City Cricket Game Online On BMG?

1. Play for Real Cash
Many platforms offer multiple games, but Baazi Mobile Gaming outperforms them by allowing its users to play for real money. Once you cross a beginner’s level, you will be effortless to play matches that can earn you real money and offer you monetary rewards.
2. Safe & Secure
BMG follows the utmost safety of all its users. You will have to submit your bank details on the forum to conduct money-related transactions. This might make people uncomfortable or suspicious, whether such confidential information is safe with the platform. We understand your viewpoints; hence we follow 128 SSL encryption; this helps protect your data without causing any discomfort.
3. Easy Withdrawal
We follow a clear withdrawal policy to help our users understand how it operates. All deposits and withdrawals will be processed within 24-48 hrs so that players can enjoy seamless online gaming experience.

Ages & Abilities

For playing City Cricket on BMG, you need to be over 18 years old. While playing for real cash, you will be asked to submit your KYC, including your PAN card and Bank account details. Children lower than the mentioned age will not be allowed to play for real cash.
City cricket battles are easy to understand; you just need to know how the application reacts to different shots. Consistency and practice will go a very long way here; after playing a few matches, you can jump to the paid ones.

Rules to Play City Cricket

City cricket is a beginner’s level game that does not require any specific directions and rules, but you can surely keep an eye on the following mentioned below-
· Start by playing games without any monetary transactions.
· Try to understand the game and not just install the city cricket app to earn money.
· Start with small games with a low cash module, and then you can jump to premium matches.

How to Play City Cricket?

Baazi Mobile Gaming is your one-stop platform to play the most real-looking city cricket games. You can download the city cricket game on Android and Apple smartphones or tablets. However, first, let’s get you started-
1. Create your user account after downloading the Baazi Mobile Gaming app. Your account will be in sync with your mobile number, so you must register with an active number.
2. You can select any of the cities mentioned on the app or create one for yourself.
3. Once you learn how to play city cricket, start with trial matches to get a grip on the platform.
4. After playing a few city cricket free games online, you can jump to the real money city cricket battles where you get a chance to win actual cash.
This is a beginner’s game; it will not take much time to decode the concept of City cricket. You can play a few matches to gear up for the paid ones. We would also suggest you understand the tactics of the game to ensure you are fully prepared to actually face tough matches in the premium versions.

Things to remember While Playing City Cricket Online

1. Understand the platform
Every application follows a specific response format, and so does Baazi Mobile Gaming. If you are playing it for the first time, we advise you to start with beginner matches. These will help you understand what shots or tactics you can apply to win the game.
2. Change your mindset
When you play city cricket games online, remember it is just a game that helps you win real cash, but this makes the platform your only source of income. Users should not be wholly dependent on the platform to make their ends meet.
3. Sign up with the correct information
If you want to earn real cash, then BMG platform follows a strict KYC and withdrawal policy. So, make sure you sign up with accurate information; otherwise, any suspicious activity can block your account permanently.

Frequently Asked Questions

Answer: City Cricket is an online game that allows you to polish your batting skills and score high runs. If you play at BMG, you will get matches to play for real cash. That means your cricket fantasy can now help you earn real money.

Answer: You can download city cricket games from BMG on your Android and Apple smartphones. Thereafter, you can quickly sign up on the application and choose your favorite city. Before playing for real cash, you must play a few starting matches to get the hang of it. You will get points after every win which can be converted into actual money.

Answer: Simple! Just download the Baazi Mobile Gaming City cricket app from the official website. Here you can play city cricket online for free and win city cricket battles. Regular practice will make you analyze strategies and help you understand the game’s algorithm. After every win, you will get points converted into real money.

Answer: BMG is the best platform to play City cricket. It is very safe and also allows you to play for real cash. You can play both free games and real money games of city cricket and win real cash every day.

Answer: You can easily download the City cricket game online for free. Visit BMG and download the City Cricket app directly on your iPhone or Android smartphone. Create your user account for free and start playing.

Answer: City cricket is a beginner’s game that cannot be played with friends. You will have to play it against the software, but it doesn’t feel any less exciting.
Baazi Mobile Gaming (BMG) is a safe and secure platform, and City Cricket is one of the fun online games that offers you a chance to win real cash. Visit the official website to quickly download the application on your Apple or Android smartphone.