Chess Game

One escape from the monotonous life routine since the pandemic has undoubtedly been online mobile games. Mobile gaming and its increasing popularity are leading more and more people to download their favorite games. One amazing game, which has gained popularity as a mobile game despite being around for the longest time possible is Chess. It is an ancient yet popular board game, which two players play. Chess involves a checkerboard and playing pieces of black and white colors. People who play chess games are believed to have great mental skills and attentiveness in comparison to non-chess players.

Currently, you can go for chess download and play the game on your mobile device even when you are in the office or traveling to and from work. However, before you download chess, you need to know how it is played to compete with highly experienced players.

Here is everything you should know about how to play chess online, regardless of whether you are a novice or a professional player.

History of Chess Game

The appearance of chess in India was in the 6th Century A.D, and by the next four centuries, chess saw a boom in Europe and the Middle East. Chess was also termed a Royal Game because, by the 15th century, the game was played by the kings and nobles. With time, the rules associated with this game started evolving, and now the chess games we know have a different set of rules and laws.

Currently, chess games, tournaments, and worldwide competitions are also organized in which professional chess players take part. However, right now, chess can be played by anyone and everyone from the comfort of their bean bags or office cabins. You can play chess online without any hassle, and with the daily dose of gaming, you too will become a professional and be able to take part in online chess games and tournaments that involve real money.

Chess is all about mental alertness, focus, and the skill to move the playing pieces strategically. The chessboard represents a battlefield, played by two armies (the white and black playing pieces). The objective of the armies will be to capture the opponent’s king. When the game starts, white will always move first, and after that, playing pieces are moved alternately by the two players. Similar rules apply even when players play chess online.

Online chess games have found a home in many chess lovers' hearts, and most people take part in cash tournaments to win real cash. If you want to be a great chess player, make sure you have the appropriate insight into the game.

How to Play Chess Online?

It is not extremely difficult to understand how chess games are played. It is relatively easy; however, you have to be highly alert when you are learning how to play chess online to not miss out on any strategies that might help you win in real money games.

Before you know how to play chess online, you must understand the primary chess equipment and the playing pieces.

The chessboard- This is, of course, the fundamental tool required for chess games. The board contains 64 squares, over eight vertical files, and eight horizontal ranks. The ranks have been numbered one to eight, and the files have been labeled a to h. The numbers and letters are all matched to the sixty-four squares present on the board.
The chess pieces- The most vital part of chess games are the chess pieces. All players have sixteen chess pieces, respectively, of black and white color each. These pieces include the pawns, knights, bishops, rooks, queens, and kings.

The chessboard is similar to a battlefield, where the player tries to capture the king of the opponent player. Here is what you need to know about each playing piece when you play free chess games online-

  • Pawns- Pawns are humble soldiers.
  • Knights- These pieces have been inspired by the knights who fought on horseback.
  • Bishops- These are the bishops, and the pieces look like the hat a bishop wears.
  • Rooks- These pieces look like castles, and they are known to represent chariots.
  • Queens- These are the powerful pieces known to dominate the entire game of chess online. The queen also protects the king.
  • Kings- The king is the army commander; however, if the opponent player captures the king, he wins, and the game ends.

There will be eight pawns, two rooks, two knights, two bishops, and a king and queen when you play chess online. To know how to play chess online, you have to know how the chess pieces move. The movement of the chess pieces while playing the chess games is what makes the maximum difference. To practice these moves, it is suggested that you opt for the chess game download, just like professional players do.

  • Movement of pawns- When you play chess online for free or join tournaments involving real money games, you need to understand the pawns' movement. Pawns move a straight forward. A pawn can also move forward two squares from the initial position if necessary. If pawns are to take the opponent’s piece, it will move a single square, diagonally. Pawns can never move backward.
  • Movement of rooks- Rooks are permitted to move along a complete vertical file and also horizontally. Rooks can also take any piece when moving. Rooks have a value similar to five pawns.
  • Movement of knights- This is the only piece permitted to jump over the other chess pieces in online chess games. Knights normally move in L-shapes. Knights will always land on the opposite colors, and they take the pieces situated on the square they are moving to.
  • Movement of bishops- Bishops are responsible for dominating the diagonals. They can move in both the backward and forward direction but will stay on a single color throughout the chess online game. It takes the piece from the square where it is moving into.
  • Movement of the queen- This is the only chess piece free to move diagonally, vertically, and horizontally, as desired. The queen also takes pieces when it moves into a square. The queen is equal to the value of nine pawns.
  • Movement of the king- The king is also permitted to move in any direction; however, it can only move a single square at one time. This piece needs to be constantly protected because if the king gets trapped, you lose your chess online game.

Here is a list of the important chess terminologies-

  • Checkmate- This means attacking the king, and the king cannot escape. Checkmate means that you have won the game.
  • Check- This is also attacking the king, but here the king can escape.
  • Stalemate- The player isn't in check, but they cannot move their chess pieces. It means a draw.

The player with the white playing piece always moves first, and then the pieces are moved alternatively by each player. Once you know how to play chess online, you can start playing real money games and win big cash prizes. It is good to opt for the chess game download to improve your focus and skill before entering real money games.

Understanding Chess Gameplay

The most important thing that you should know when you play chess online with friends is the chess gameplay also when you have no internet. It is significant to understand how the chess pieces move on the chessboard, the chess pieces that are of utmost importance, etc., to ace a chess game. You can also watch the gameplay of professional chess players to get better at your game.

Chess requires attention and focus, and here is what you should know about the gameplay.

  • The game is played between two players, and both have chess pieces of white and black color. The player with the white chess pieces makes the first move.
  • The chessboard is a battlefield, which comprises pawns, rooks, bishops, knights, king, and queen. The king has to be protected at all costs because if the opponent captures the king, he wins.
  • The game of the white king starts on e1, while that of the black king starts at e8. They can move a single square in any direction.
  • Rooks are placed on a1, and h1 for the white and a8 and h8 for the black, and they are permitted to move horizontally or vertically.
  • The bishop starts the game on c1 and f1 for white and c8 and f8 for black. Bishops dominate the diagonals.
  • The white queen starts at d1, while the black queen starts at d8. This is not only the most powerful but also the most mobile piece.
  • The white knights start at b1 and g1, while the black knights start at b8 and g8. Knights can jump over the other pieces to reach their desired destination.
  • White pawns start at a2, b2, etc., and black pawns start at a7, b7, etc. Pawns can only move forward and cannot retreat.
  • The chess pieces can similarly capture enemy pieces as they are moving. For instance, the white queen placed at d3 can capture the black rook at h7 when it moves into h7. Chess pieces are only permitted to capture the enemy pieces when playing chess online.

You can also go for the chess game download to practice the game before you play chess online with friends.

How to Play Chess Online With Friends

Most people are interested to know how they can play chess online with friends. To do so, you need to choose a clean and safe gaming platform where your interests and your details will stay protected. One such platform that is by far the best is undoubtedly BMG, the best online game for android. To play chess online with friends here, you have to register with all your details.

Once the registration is done, you can choose whether you want to play free chess games or go for the real money games. If you wish to earn money by playing chess games, ensure that you know how to play the game. Only if you are confident, go for the games that involve cash prizes.

Here is why you should play chess online games on BMG.

  • The process of registration is extremely easy, and you will not face any hassle. However, suppose you are putting in any inauthentic details. In that case, BMG will not allow you to play further games in the future as protecting the interests of all players and preventing fraudulent activity is the primary aim of BMG.
  • Depositing money is as smooth as butter because of the bank-grade security and 256-bit encryption.
    Withdrawals are processed within 24-working hours, so you can withdraw money any time you want to. After all, the money belongs to you!
  • You can win daily rewards and bonuses on BMG. This is an additional reason why more and more players who want to earn money by playing games are on BMG.
  • To become a pro at chess, go for a chess download to practice the game and increase your skills.

Tips and Tricks to Play Chess

Every game involves certain tips and tricks that are put to use by professional players to win big. Similarly, when chess players play chess online, they also master significant chess tips and tricks. The ideal tips and tricks have helped many amateur and professional chess players earn money by playing games.

Here is a list of the top chess tips and tricks that will help you.

  • Make sure that you are looking at the move of your opponent. In chess online, you have to understand why your opponent moves a particular piece, decipher whether any of your pieces are in danger, and also try to understand the next move your opponent can make. As soon as you can understand what your opponent is going to do, you will make a better strategy when you play chess online.
  • Ensure that you are making a thoughtful move when playing the free chess games. Understand whether your move will defend you against your opponent's threats, whether your piece is going to stay away from an attack, or if you can replace a better chess piece of your opponent.
  • When you are playing real money games, you need to ensure that a proper plan is in place. A proper plan will help you attack your opponent and help you take more of his pieces, thereby making it easy for you to capture the king.
  • It is significant to understand and know the worth of every chess piece in the chess games. This will help you to make wiser decisions when taking the pieces of your opponents.
  • Understand that one of the most important elements associated with chess is time. Ensure that you are chalking out a proper strategy within a very short time so that you do not provide your opponent the required time to think about how you will attack and capture his king.
  • Chess is about checkmating the opponent's king. Therefore, you need to ensure that your king is protected. Ensure that your mental alertness is high to only move the right pieces when you play games for money.
  • An important strategy that you should keep in mind when you play chess online with friends is that chess should always be played when you are in a good mental state. A distracted mental state will lead you to make mistakes, and you will make wrong decisions. This is not at all suggested when you are playing games for real money.
  • The most important chess tip that should be considered is to watch professional chess players' gameplay before you play games for money. This will help you understand their moves, and you can improve your moves when playing chess games.
  • Chess online can be very tricky if you do not know the top chess tips and tricks. It is also suggested that you go for the chess game download to better your moves whenever you are free.

Online Chess Rules

Who thought that an ancient game like chess could rule the world of mobile gaming? A game that was played by the royals during the 15th century is now a game that can be played by almost everyone irrespective of where they are through their mobile phones. There is no denying that the chess game download has also seen a sudden rise.

A diligent chess player is bound to follow certain important chess rules. To make sure that you are also playing professionally, you also have to follow the important chess rules.

Here is a list of the rules that you should follow when you are playing chess online.

  • Develop the chess pieces. This means building and creating. When your game starts, you need to make sure that you are developing your position by strategically getting all the pieces out. When playing chess online, it is a must that you use your entire army.
  • As per the gameplay of professional chess players, it is suggested that you always open the game with a center pawn.
  • Avoid moving the same piece one after the other.
  • Bringing out your Queen early is a strict no.
  • Place your pieces in such a way that the opponent feels threatened. When an opponent feels threatened, he will make unsteady moves, which will provide you with an added advantage.
  • Ensure that you are castling as early as possible.
  • One pawn should always be maintained in the center.
  • Make sure that you are not moving the pawns frequently.
  • Play in such a manner that you can easily take the center under your control.
  • Make sure that you are king and always safe.

If you know how to play chess online, you will understand that certain rules will make your game stronger. Especially when you are playing games involving real money, take care of every move you are making. Also, don't miss your opponent's move even for once, as that can ruin your game.

How to Win Real Cash By Playing Chess Online?

Most players love to earn money by playing games. If you are also one among them, you should register on BMG. This is one of the most secure gaming platforms where you will come across both free chess games and strategies of game that involves money. Which will help you to get the Free Mobile Recharge.

Here you can also play chess online with friends. Make sure that you are brushing up on the chess tips and tricks to play your best. If you are playing on Baazi Mobile Gaming, the best app to earn money, you will also get several benefits and bonuses, which will keep you hooked to playing chess games.

How to Download a Chess Game?

Before playing real money games, professionals always advise that you go for the chess game download. When you download and play chess, you can keep on practicing and bettering your moves.

Here is how you can download chess.

  • You have to visit the play store or app store.
  • In the search box, you have to type chess.
  • As soon as the game appears, click install or download.
  • The game will be downloaded within a couple of minutes, depending on the game's size and your internet speed.
  • Once downloaded, you might be required to fill in a few important details, and then you can start playing the game.

When you go for the chess download, you will get a lot of time to practice and take care of the moves. Practice will make you perfect, and therefore, keep playing, keep practicing.

Frequently Asked Questions

Answer: Chess is one of the most ancient games that opened its eyes in the sixth century A.D in India, and after that, it spread worldwide. The chessboard is a battlefield where you have to protect your king from being captured with the help of the knights, pawns, bishops, rooks, and most importantly, the king. People all over the world currently play chess online.

Answer: To play chess online, you need to ensure that you register on the right platform, which is BMG. You have to enter your details to sign up on the platform. Here, you can play both real money games and free chess games. Also, understand how to play chess online so that you can checkmate your opponent.

Answer: Most players go for the chess game download to play irrespective of where they are. If you are also interested in chess download, you have to visit the play store or app store, type chess in the search box, click on install or download, and once the game is downloaded, you can start playing.

Answer: To checkmate your opponent, you should know the proper chess tips and tricks. Ensure that you are aware of the movement of each chess piece. Know the necessary chess rules, and nobody can stop you from being a winner when you play chess online with friends.

Answer: To play chess online with your friend, register on BMG. BMG allows multiplayer games, where you can not only play but also win real money. If you are a skilled chess player, you can earn money by playing games.

Answer: To invite friends to chess, you have to use the invite option available on the platform. You can also share necessary links to directly help your friend join you in the chess games.

Answer: Irrespective of whether you play games for money or for killing your boredom, you can invite your friends to play a game of chess with you. You can use the invite option or share direct links with your friends for them to join you.

Answer: Yes, earning money by playing chess online is not difficult if you know how to play chess. BMG permits you to take part in both the free and cash games. Make sure that you go for an online chess game download to practice properly and understand every move before you enter games that involve a cash prize.

Answers: There is no denying that BMG is by far the best app that allows you to play chess with friends. You can play chess online free games or take part in games that involve real money on this platform. Ensure that the information you are registering with on this platform is authentic because BMG does not provide any space for fraudsters to protect other players' interests.

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