Carrom Board Game

Many people do not know that mobile gaming can increase productivity and increase the brain's concentration power. One such amazing mobile game that is famous worldwide is certainly carrom. This is an amazing tabletop game, which is now widely available as an online mobile game that allows you to play anywhere, at any time, without having to worry. Therefore, when you are feeling bored, choose to play carrom board games online for free.

Carrom Board Game: Online Skill Game

Carrom board game is primarily a game associated with skill, determination, and, most importantly, practice. Experts have described this game as a sweet combination of Air Hockey, Pool, and Marbles. The game is packed with action and requires sensible strategies, management of the carrom board, and high accuracy. It is also sometimes known as the "Game of Angles" because the players need to be particular about the angles. If you look at the statistics, you will know and understand that online carrom is constantly growing in leaps and bounds.

Carrom is a highly exciting and fun game that can be played with up to four players at once. Earlier, carrom board games could only be spotted being played by family and friends. However, the game has evolved, and now, carrom tournaments are being played by experienced people. It can be said that carrom has come a long way, and it can be played by anyone within the age group of six to sixty. You can now even choose to play carrom board games online irrespective of where you are.

The game is responsible for featuring a wooden board with corner pockets on the four sides. The carrom game is played by flicking the striker disc at the targeted carrom "men." The ultimate objective of the players in carrom will be to accumulate points by dropping the carrom "men" of their respective color into the pocket and the "queen," which is red before their opponents win the game.

Even though the carrom board game is best known because it is an indoor game, this game currently has a huge online presence as well. Carrom is a skill-based game that involves not only mental but also physical elements. You can now choose to download the carrom game for pc to make the gameplay exciting.

Understanding the Carrom Board Game Online

Whether you decide to play carrom online or offline, there is a set of rules and techniques that remain the same. To be a pro at this game, you need to make sure that you understand the carrom game rules perfectly.
In the carrom board game, the carrom men have to be driven into the pockets with the help of the striker. The primary aim associated with this game is pocketing all the nine carrom men and the queen, of course, before the opponent player can do so. You need to understand that both online carrom and offline carrom require practice, concentration, and most importantly, a presence of mind. It requires heavy precision and an understanding of the seating arrangement around the carrom board.

Besides, players should also have the appropriate angle sense to pocket the carrom men. As soon as a carrom player understands all the laws and rules, the carrom game becomes easier and more interesting. Fans of the game like downloading carrom board games so that they can work on improving their carrom skills.

Here is everything that you need to know about the carrom board game gameplay-

Getting Ready for Carrom Game

  • When the carrom game is going to be played between two players, which is known as singles, they need to sit on the opposite side of the carrom board. On the other hand, in the case of doubles, partners will be sitting opposite one another, and opponents will be seated on either side of the carrom board.
  • Players do not have permission to shift their chairs when they are going on strike. They can change their positions without actually moving the carrom board or the chair.
  • Carrom game starts with a toss, and in the toss, black or white carrom men will be hidden in the hands of the referee. The player calling it correctly will win the toss, and the game will begin.
  • The one who has won the toss will get the chance of deciding whether his team wants to strike or whether he is interested in changing sides. If the latter happens, the striking turn will be with the opponent.
  • The referee will then ideally arrange all the carrom men at the carrom board's center, with the queen seated right in the middle. Nine black and white carrom men each are used in both offline games and online carrom.
  • The white and black carrom men will be placed in a circular manner, alternatively, surrounding the queen on the carrom board. This arrangement can in no way cross the exterior circle.

It is significant to understand that the rules of online carrom do not differ. Here is a glimpse at the carrom board game rules.

  • Whichever player is striking first will play with white carrom men, and the opposite team will play with the black ones. It will be the duty of the first team to pocket the carrom men.
  • If a player can pocket any carrom men, he will get another chance to strike.
  • If he is unable to pocket, the opponent player gets the chance to strike. If the game is being played in doubles, then the anti-clockwise direction of passing on the striker has to be followed.
  • The game goes on until all the carrom men, along with the queen, have been successfully pocketed.

Now, carrom board games can be played online for free. If you decide to play carrom board games online, you must know it is as exciting and thrilling as the offline game.

Why Play Carrom Online on BMG?

There is no denying that many carrom lovers have chosen to play carrom online because they do not get a lot of free time to play time pass games. However, when playing online carrom, what players look for in a safe and secure environment, especially when real cash is involved.

Playing carrom on BMG is going to offer all the players an amazing experience, which they will fail to get on the other platforms. As an online carrom player, you can be assured that you are going to get thrilling rewards whenever you are choosing to play cash games.

Apart from that, players choose to play on BMG because of the attractive daily deals offered by the platform. You should not miss out on the weekly events and tournaments. You can also choose to play carrom board games online for free so that you can work on your skills and precision. This will help you to get real cash rewards which will help you to get Free Mobile Recharge when you play the carrom board game online.

Here are all the reasons that will help you understand why you should play the online carrom board game on BMG.

  • Safe deposits- The payment gateways on BMG are powered by bank-grade security and encrypted with 256-bit encryption.
  • Bonuses awarded- BMG respects the game spirit of the players, and that is why top incentives and bonuses are provided.
  • Speedy withdrawals- All your withdrawals are going to be processed within 24 working hours because, after all, it is your money!

Choose to play carrom pool online on Baazi Mobile Gaming and upgrade your skills now! Most players also prefer downloading carrom board games on PC to play the game for free.

Carrom Tips 'n' Tricks

It is true that the carrom pool online is not a very complicated game. However, even the top players have agreed that the game requires skill and also a flawless technique to pocket all the carrom men and the queen.

To become a professional at carrom board online, you need to make sure that you are well-versed with a few important tips and tricks. Here is a list of the Carrom tips and tricks that you can follow to get better at the carrom board game.

Flick the striker- When you are playing carrom online, you need to ensure that you are flicking the striker in several styles. The techniques include- index shots, middle-finger shots, thumbshots, scissor-style shots, etc. Understand which technique works the best for you, and then you can go for the shot.
Improve your speed- The speed with which you are striking makes all the difference. It should neither be too fast nor too slow. If the appropriate speed is used, the carrom men will be pocketed.
Get comfortable- Ensure that you keep practicing the game for free until and unless you get absolutely comfortable to play tournaments. Also, when playing carrom pool online, try to keep the body relaxed and release your tension so that you don't face any kind of discomfort when play is in progress.
Breaking- This is the most significant and important shot to follow when you play carrom online. Make sure that you are learning to pocket two coins when you have the striker in your hand.
Place the striker strategically- When playing carrom, ensure that the striker is being placed between the baseline when playing online carrom.
Use trick shots- When playing online carrom, experiment with all the types of striking techniques along with trick shots. Also, make sure that you are not suddenly upgrading the flicking technique because it will hardly help you in any way.
Emphasize the queen- When playing carrom pool online or offline, the queen is the most important. The queen can only be protected after it is pocketed if the player manages to pocket carrom men of his color. However, if the player fails to do so, the queen will get its position on the carrom board.
Avoid fouls- Fouls should be avoided at all costs. For instance, you should not pocket the coins of your opponents. Avoid positioning the striker incorrectly. When playing carrom board games online, these fouls can be avoided.

Most carrom lovers prefer downloading the carrom board game to work on their skills and play real cash games.

Rules to Play Carrom

Most people do not know that carrom has seen its origin in India. With time, the game grew progressively, and now it is available on renowned gaming platforms, including Baazi Mobile Gaming. Players can now download carrom games for pc and enjoy the game any hour of the day.

Here are the rules associated with playing online carrom.

  • The game starts with the tossing of carrom men by a referee. Whichever player correctly calls wins the toss and starts the game.
  • The winner of the toss can decide whether he wants to strike or he wants the opponents to go at it.
  • When using the striker, players need to make sure that the striker is placed on the baseline. After that, the striker has to be hit in a go.
  • If the player pockets the carrom men, he will get another chance at the strike. If not, the chances are passed on in an anti-clockwise direction.
  • To successfully cover the queen after pocketing it, the player also needs to pocket the carrom men. If not, the queen has to be placed back on the table.

Here is what you need to know about scoring-

  • The total points associated with the online carrom board game are 25. The players will not be able to count on the queen for 21 and the other points. Players who get 25 points first will win at carrom.
  • Players are provided ten seconds for striking or breaking. After these ten seconds, the opponent will get the opportunity.
  • Total eight boards are played. Players who score 25 points within these eight boards win. Alternatively,
  • players who have the maximum points at the end of the eight boards are also declared winners.
  • The eight boards have to be finished within the time span of 25 minutes. If this doesn't happen, players who have the most points when the board's end will win.

Ages and Abilities

Baazi Games encourages safe and responsible play. The good thing about this skill game is that there is no age limit for online carrom games. However, Baazi Mobile Gaming requires authentic information about the players for age verification. If dishonest information is provided, the platform has the entire right to forfeit the winnings, and the players might also face criminal prosecution.

Online carrom on BMG is conducted in a very secure environment and the platform complies with Indian laws to protect a player’s personal and financial data through highly encryption security software. Not only that, round-the-clock monitoring of online carrom board games is employed by the team to detect any unfair practices. Thus, if you are passionate about online carrom, ensure that all the information that you are providing is 100 percent true.

How to Win Real Cash on BMG by Playing Carrom Online?

Carrom helps to make sure that your afternoons and lazy evenings are no longer boring. Now that you can download carrom games online for pc, you can enjoy it without any hassle. The best part is that you can now take part in online carrom board games and win real money. Who doesn't love that?

BMG allows the players to register for free and play both the free and cash tournaments. Make sure that you are practicing for free first, and after that, you start playing the tournaments to win real cash.

To make sure that you win at a carrom game, follow the necessary rules, understand the game strategies, and go through the tricks. Play as many free carrom board games as you can to build your skills. Nowadays, carrom board game downloading has become quite a thing as players can play anywhere they want.

Frequently Asked Questions

Answer: Carrom is an Indian board game known worldwide and resembles popular games like billiards and snooker. It is loved by people mostly because it is an amazing indoor game. However, the wings of carrom have now spread on the internet, and carrom lovers can play carrom online as well.

Answer: Carrom starts with a tossing game wherein the referee has black or white carrom men in his hand, which has to be guessed by the player. If guessed right, the player decides to go for a strike or give the strike to the opponent. The players have to pocket all nine carrom men present on the carrom board and the queen and score more than the opponents to win at carrom pool online.

Answer: You can play online carrom on BMG for free and real money. Download the app for free from Baazi Mobile Gaming (BMG) and start playing carrom board games online with your friends and other carrom fans from across the country.

Answer: BMG is one of the best apps to enjoy carrom for free and also earn money by playing carrom board games online. The gaming environment is safe and secure, and all the money won can be withdrawn safely within 24 hours.

Answer: There is no single person who doesn't like Welcome bonuses when playing carrom games online. BMG provides Best mobile games with welcome offers to the players to interest and excite them. Therefore, you can be assured that you will get an amazing welcome bonus when you step onto the platform of BMG.

Answer: Carrom is an amazing game to enjoy with family and friends. BMG allows two to four people to play carrom, which means that you can play with friends or family members. The good part is that there is no age limit to play carrom.

Answer: It is hundred percent legal to play a carrom board game on BMG for free and real money earning games in india. However,  cash games are banned in the following Indian states - Assam, Telangana, Odisha, Andhra Pradesh and Tamil Nadu. Therefore, you need to ensure that you are providing authentic information on the platform if you choose to play carrom online for real money.

Answer: Yes, you can play carrom online for free on BMG. This will allow you to take care of your skills so that you emerge as the winner when you play real cash games. Apart from that, downloading carrom board games has also become a popular choice as it allows players to enjoy the board game at their convenience.

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