Candy Jam Game

Candy Jam is an addictive casual game that comes under the category of puzzle games. This fun casual game takes you to a fantasy candy world where you can learn and master divine candy recipes. You can make your candies interesting in the candy game by crushing and smashing items like candy sugar, pastry, jelly, and cookie. 

You can play online games of Candy Jam directly on the web browser of your phone and PC. If you want to download the Candy game, you can do it by finding an apk file to download. The size of the Candy Jam casual game is just around 20 MB, so you can easily download it without worrying about your data or storage space. 

How to Play Candy Jam?

Candy Jam is a casual game where you have to solve puzzles of different sweet candies. The gameplay of the Candy Jam casual game is quite similar to that of other candy games. The colorful graphics of the candies make this one truly amusing. The Candy game consists of a variety of candies of different colors in which your main goal is to match at least three candies of the same color to clear them and advance to new levels. 

There are different levels in Candy Jam time pass games and to clear a level, you will have to clear out all the candies by matching them with similar colored candies. You will need to match a minimum of three candies to clear them out in the Candy game. Also, you will have a limited number of moves in Candy Jam so you will have to match the candies before your time runs out. One thing that you must keep in mind in the Candy game is that the candies change their direction when they drop. Also, if you can match five or more candies of a similar color in Candy Jam, you get a few extra moves.

Cool Hacks to Win in Candy Jam

The Candy Jam casual game is a fun puzzle game where you have to match candies of similar colors to clear levels. However, you have a limited number of moves to complete your objective in this Candy game, so you must try to make as many matches as you can. To win in Candy Jam, you will have to clear all the different levels. It's all about colors and candies, have fun playing and flirting around in the Candy Game.

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Frequently Asked Questions

Answer: Candy Jam is a casual game where you have to match candies of similar colors to win the game. You can download the Candy game by finding an APK in any cloud server. Or, else you also have the option of playing Candy Jam directly on the web browser of your phone or PC via an internet connection.

Answer: No, you cannot play Candy jam with your friends as it isn’t a multiplayer game. To play games with friends and also win real money, browse through Baazi Mobile Gaming and download the app to access plenty of skill-based and fun casual games across genres and stakes and earn money in real-time.

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Answer: Yes, you can download the BMG app on your iOS devices. All you have to do is visit our official website and download the app on your Apple devices and play online games for free.