Candy Crush Saga Game

The gaming industry is slated to cross $150 billion by the first quarter of 2022. Not just the youth, but people of various ages do play games nowadays. We have seen much debate on the impact online mobile games have on people. Today some games do improve our IQ and mindset. One amazing game loved and enjoyed by all is Candy Crush Saga. This is one of the sweetest games that involves matching three similar candies to score a point.

Highly addictive and interesting, the Candy Crush Saga games have won the hearts of people from every corner of the world. To play Candy Crush Saga, here is everything you need to know about the Candy Crush Saga online game.


Candy Crush Saga was introduced in 2012 as a match-3 browser game. It caught on with players almost overnight. And then King (the company that released Candy Crush Saga) introduced it to the Facebook Games Room. Today, we have other versions of Candy Crush Saga for iOS, Windows 10, and Android. These are simply more like variations of their original Candy Crush.

Candy Crush has two other Candy Crush Saga games in their series – Candy Crush Soda Saga and Candy Crush Jelly Saga. The best part is that all the Candy Crush games are free. Candy Crush has a kind of cult following now. Games like Candy Crush are many including Bejeweled, and Pet Rescue Saga. Any Candy Crush game should be downloaded for the casual gaming experience.

Candy Crush downloads have reached almost 2.7 billion which makes both the names Candy Crush Saga and Candy Crush 2 the most popular Candy Crush game downloads. Keep eliminating all the candies from the board by matching as many similar colored and patterned candies as you can. Candy Crush Saga games are pretty addictive and will kill your boring time more than you could expect.

Candy Crush Saga game download is free. Candy Crush Saga is also easy to access across the store that your OS and device support. Google Play's Candy Crush has had the maximum number of downloads till now. There are more than 9400 Candy Crush levels, and Candy Crush Online has more than 620 episodes. You may play Candy Crush for hours on end. So, make sure you go for the Candy Crush Saga game download to play and enjoy whenever you want.

Well, here is what you need to know before you go for the Candy Crush game download.

How to Play?

Line up three or more candies in a row by swapping other candies with them. That’s how you play free Candy Crush. Candy Crush is your main objective in any Candy Crush game. For every Candy Crushed, the game will replenish the board with more candies at random. The Candy Crush Saga online game also requires combining four or more candies to get some special candy.

When you combine this special candy, you can use them with similar colored or patterned ones to do more Candy Crushes. That is the whole target of Candy Saga. And if possible, you may also combine two or more special candies and activate special Candy Crush effects in the free Candy Crush games.

If you do not meet the minimum Candy Crush in Candy Saga and other objectives, on a level, you will lose a life out of the five lives you have. If you lose all five lives when you play Candy Crush online, you will have to wait at least 30 minutes to get a life. So to replenish your five lives, you may have to wait two and a half hours.

In Candy Crush Saga online, there is gold that you can buy with real money from the candy shop. Gold can be used to buy more lives and special tools and abilities to use while you play Candy Crush Saga.
Before you go for your Candy Crush game download, know that all Candy Crush Saga games involve part of game strategy and part luck. Even if you try playing the same level repeatedly, you will find different results every time in games like Candy Crush.

Steps to Play?

Here are the steps associated with playing the Candy Crush Saga game.

  • Open the Candy Crush Saga game.
  • On Android and iOS, just tapping on the Candy Crush Saga icon will open the game.
  • You have the option of adjusting the Candy Crush Saga online game settings. Adjust them to suit your needs.
  • Tap the Settings gear icon on your screen. On the next screen, you can choose the options you prefer.
  • If you wish to leave the Candy Crush games during your gameplay, just tap the gear icon. Click or tap on the icon that is shaped like a door. You will exit from the game.
  • At the bottom of the Candy Crush game screen, there is a Play Button. Tap on it. This will open the screen that shows you the Candy Crush Saga levels.
  • Here you can see which levels you have completed and the next level from where you may resume playing in the free Candy Crush Games. You will need to play Candy Crush Saga levels in sequence. So all levels aren’t open to playing. Only the levels you are eligible to play are open and free for you to play. The other levels remain closed until you are eligible.
  • On any mobile device, you may need to allow notifications from the Candy Crush Saga online game.

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The Candy Crush download has become popular now and is being downloaded by almost every online mobile game player nationwide.

Additional Things to Know When Playing Candy Crush Saga

It is very important to know a list of additional things when you play Candy Crush Saga online. Here they are:

  • Know your Goals. The primary objective in Candy Crush games is to clear as many candies from the board in as few moves as possible. Swap candies to make matches of 3 or more candies.
  • The first goal in Candy Crush Saga is to achieve a specific number of points within a specific number of moves, failing to lose a life.
  • Later stages in Candy Crush games have other goals to achieve, like clearing all candies of the same type, or clearing all the bears from the board, or reaching a particular score within a specific time and more.

Keep the Candy Crush game board in mind. There are certain things you must keep a watch on.

  • At the top left corner is the progress bar, where you can see your current score in a Candy Crush game.
  • The part that says ‘Target’ at the top left shows the objectives to complete the current level.
  • The number of moves remaining is also displayed at the top of the screen in Candy Saga.

Understand what may happen if you lose or win. Candy Crush online has various consequences attached to both whether you lose or win a level.

  • Not finishing or losing a level in Candy Crush games means that you lose a life out of a maximum number of five lives. And one life takes around 30 minutes to replenish. So at least 2 hours and 30 minutes are required to fill your life bar with five lives again. If you wish, you can pay gold coins to buy lives. Gold coins can be bought with real money.
  • In the Candy Crush Saga online game, when you finish a level and win it, you open the next level. And as an extra advantage, you may get some extra boosters and perks. If you need them, you can use them immediately at your next level. Otherwise, keep them on hold for you to use on any of the forthcoming Candy Crush levels.

Candy Crush Saga is all about matching and crushing candies. Swipe candies in any direction and swap them for other candies. This should make sets of at least three candies match.

  • Once there is a set of at least three candies next to each other, they get crushed.
  • In Candy Crush Saga online, this Candy Crush will enable you to achieve different objectives. Mind you that when candies get crushed, they automatically fall in these vacant places, and the blank spots at the top get filled at random by the Candy Crush game itself.

Creating Combos
If you can create matches of more than three candies in Candy Crush Saga, you not only clear those candies but also create a special candy with certain extra powers.

  • Match four candies, and the special candy will help clear an entire row or column when it is made a part of a set of 3 or more candies.
  • Match five or more candies to look like an L or T shape, and you will get a wrapped candy. This special candy will explode all surrounding candies and then a further 3x3 block of candies.
  • Match five candies within a row or a column, and you will get a color bomb. A color bomb looks like chocolate with a lot of sprinkles on it. This special candy can be used to swap with any adjoining candy to remove all candies of that color from the board.

Complete the objective
Every level in Candy Saga will have some preset targets to reach. You can find the ‘Target’ displayed on the board of the current level. Targets can be many. Some targets involve reaching a certain score within a certain time, making a set number of items fall to the bottom, and breaking a certain number of tiles. In the higher and more difficult Candy Crush levels, the objective may be combining these ‘targets.’

You will earn a few boosters in the early levels of the Candy Crush Saga online. You can even buy boosters with gold or can play real money games, of course. Don’t use these boosters at random, though. You may need them to get through the higher Candy Crush levels.

  • The shuffle candy in Candy Saga helps to rearrange the board by shuffling all the candies.
  • The lollipop hammer will crush a single candy when used.
  • There are different boosters with different effects.

Levels. There are many Candy Crush levels with different objectives and different board arrangements.

  • As you complete and win a level, a new level is unlocked, and new objectives are available.
  • Try to keep your life. Try to use a minimum number of moves to clear the level.
  • Always go for a good move rather than following the game's own suggestions blindly.

Level Walkthroughs
When you play Candy Crush Saga, each time a new aspect is introduced at any level, there will be a supporting walkthrough to explain what that new aspect is and how it works.

  • These walkthroughs will enable you to get a better grasp of the game.
  • Click or tap the Skip button if you do not wish to view a walkthrough.

How to Download?

Candy Crush game download is free for both iPhone and Android.

  • For android devices, you can get Candy Crush Saga in Google Play Store.
  • For iOS devices, you can get the Candy Crush game in the App Store.
  • Type the name of the game in the search box and as soon as it appears, click on download or install.
  • Once downloaded, you can start playing the game.

How to Win?

The ultimate objective of playing any game is, of course, winning it. To win the Candy Crush Saga game, you need to follow a few important strategies. Here is a list of the game strategies that can make you win the game-

  • Always crush the dangerous candies on the board as soon as you can. Clear bombs and chocolate as quickly as possible.
  • Think and analyze several moves in advance. Always be observant and notice the whole board before making your move.
  • There may be boards with some gaps. It is difficult to make the correct matches and combos. So keep notice of the edges of the board at all times.
  • With time you will be more seasoned and will take every available opportunity. So don’t be frustrated with the time when you play for the first time.
  • Try to make your moves and make your own decisions. Don’t depend on the suggestions the game gives you. Avoid taking those hints and clues.
  • Whenever you feel a situation is too complex, just use the reshuffle booster.
  • Be careful when playing Candy Crush Saga games, and you can avoid bombs quite easily. When you play Candy Crush Saga online, make sure you collect whatever you get from your daily spins. Daily spins are always free in all Candy Crush Saga games.
  • Don’t always trust the suggestions that you get in your Candy Crush game.
  • Combining coconut wheels and wrapped candies allows breaking all the frosting and other hurdles in Candy Crush Saga online games.

Following the right tips and tricks in the game will help you win! Ensure that you are following the ones mentioned above to clear levels easily.

Frequently Asked Questions

Answer: To play the interesting game Candy Crush Saga, you need to ensure that you are swiping three or more matching candies on the Candy Crush board to score. You need to make multiple combos to earn power-ups, which will help you clear the Candy Crush Levels.

Answer: The Candy Crush Saga games are available for both Android and iOS. You can go for the Candy Crush download from the Google Play Store or App Store, respectively. All you have to do is look for the Candy Crush Saga online game in the respective stores and click on install/download. Once downloaded, you can play Candy Crush Saga whenever you want.

Answer: Yes, the Candy Crush Saga game download is free! When you play Candy Crush online, everything is free, but it does include in-app purchases. You can purchase gold coins with real money when you play Candy Crush.

Answer: Yes, you can, of course, play Candy Crush Saga online. If you love the simulating Candy Crush Saga games, you might enjoy other similar games like Fruit Chop, Knife Hit, Bottle Shoot, and more on BMG and earn money by app from home.

Answer: When playing the Candy Saga, you can choose to skip a level. There is a skip option present at the bottom. When you click on that, you are going to receive a prompt to download a free game. You have to play that game for around 30-40 seconds. After that, when you reopen Candy Crush Saga, you will see that the Candy Crush last level has gone, and you have moved to the new level.

Answer: In the free Candy Crush games, you can connect with your Facebook friends by connecting your Candy Crush account to Facebook.

Answer: When playing games like Candy Crush, you can connect to a new Facebook account by clicking on the Connect icon. However, connecting to a new Facebook account will not transfer your progress to that account. It will be like starting the game all over again, right from level 1.

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