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Boxing games are probably one of the most preferred combat sports games to play online.  While many may see Boxing games as brutal and violent, others enjoy and play them for the techniques and skills involved. You can have unlimited action and fun when you start to play boxing games online, either with your friends or an AI. 

When you play boxing games online, you get to enjoy all the excitement and take everything good from the skill game by fighting virtually on your devices. When it comes to boxing games, there are numerous options. You can either download boxing games to play from the App store or access browser-based boxing games directly from your browser. 

How to Play Boxing Games Online?

Online mobile games from the genre of boxing games can be considered skill games because you need to have the basic skills and know the techniques to play the game. Choosing to play boxing games online can be extremely fun and come with simple and easy controls that can be picked up by almost everyone. While the basics to play boxing games online are pretty much the same, there might be differences in the graphics with some of them having excellent 3D graphics and some featuring cartoon gameplay. 

While some boxing games to play are just 1vs1 punch fests others let you choose and train a character according to your choice and fight in championships. You can also play boxing games online which allows you to punch a politician or a celebrity to pieces. These are just boxing game parodies that don't require any kind of skill or technique. You can play boxing games online like ‘Punch the Trump’ which lets you smack Donald Trump left, right, and center. 

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Play Online Boxing Games for Free

If you are a fan of skill games like boxing games, then you are in for a treat as there are some amazingly cool games to play which allow you to beat the shit out of your opponents. They can be a great way to take out your frustration by sitting behind the computer. Let's look at some of the best boxing mobile games that you can play online. 

Here is the list of some of the coolest boxing games to play that you can enjoy alone or with your friends. 

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Fight Arena Online

This is one of the best 3D multiplayer online mobile games allowing players to combine punches and kicks to beat their opponent down. This skill game is developed by the company called The Money Suitcase a browser-based boxing game that can be accessed on your iOS and Windows device. 


You can play boxing games online against another player or AI in this 3D skill game. Dodge enemy punches using the arrow keys and hit them back hard by combining different punches. 

Boxing Stars

This is a 2D boxing game that features many tournaments and characters making things interesting for you. To play boxing games online like Boxing Stars, all you have to do is choose a fighter, block, dodge and punch down your opponent to win in these online mobile games. 

Drunken Boxing

This boxing game is a multi-player skill game and is completely physics-based. This boxing game can get challenging because no matter which character you choose, they all show up drunk during the fight. This makes it extremely difficult for you to control your fighter in this online mobile game. 

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Boxing Fist Legends

This boxing game is developed by Ricreator which allows you to keep on fighting until you defeat all your opponents and win the skill game. If you lose against an opponent, you will have to play boxing games online again from the start. 

Boxing Rampage

If you love to play boxing games online, then you should definitely try out Boxing Rampage. This combat skill game is fun yet challenging where you have to face several opponents and defeat them in order to win the boxing championship. There are different combos of kicks and punches that you can use to master this skill game. 

Stickman Boxing KO Champion

This boxing game is one of its kind because you fight as a stickman with your opponents. This online game features multiple levels and you will have to clear each one of them to win the game. 

Frequently Asked Questions

Answer: There are several boxing games that you can play online. Play boxing games online of the best kind: Fight Arena Online, Punchers, Drunken Boxing, Boxing Rampage, etc. 

Answer: You can play boxing games online like Punchers, Stickman Boxing KO Champion, Drunken Boxing, Boxing Fist Legends, Super Boxing, Boxing Stars, etc. These are some of the best boxing games to play on your mobile phones and tablets. 

Answer: Boxing Games are online games where you engage in combat with your opponent who might be a real player or an AI. You will have to use different combos and movements to knock down your opponent in fistfights.

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