Bowling Stars Game

The Bowling Stars game is a realistic online bowling game with smooth controls, stunning graphics, and customizable items. What separates Bowling Stars from other online bowling games to play is that you can choose from a dozen of different bowling alleys and then show off by hitting the targets. 

 When you play bowling in this online game, you just need to roll the ball and bowl like a real bowling star. Bowling Stars is a time pass game that can be accessed on your smartphones and computers without downloading it. This is because this online game happens to be a browser-based game. Bowling Stars is developed and published by Bekho Team.     

How to Play Bowling Stars Online?

To make the most in Bowling Stars you will have to master the art of bowling. To play Bowling Stars, you can choose between attractive and colorful balls that can be said to be one of the trademarks of this timepass game. Each ball has a unique set of power and ability. While some are good in speed and power, others might be better in direction and aim. With these amazing bowling balls, you don’t just bowl like a star but also look like one.

There are numerous ways to master the game of Bowling Stars. While it may look extremely easy to play Bowling Stars, you need to know how to steer the direction of the ball and also control the speed so that it has maximum impact. The more bottles you hit, the more points you get in these online games to play.

The controls of the Bowling Stars time pass games are simple yet intuitive. To control the ball, you will have to either tap or left-click on the ball. Once you have controlled the ball, you need to set its direction and flick it towards the bottles. If you can clear all the bottles, you win these money-making games

Strategies to Play Bowling Stars

Playing bowling in real life and playing the same online are two very different things. The things that play an important role in real-life bowling like ball size, wrist angle, and way of holding the ball don’t matter when you play bowling online. Fret not, here are a few strategies that can be used while playing Bowling Stars.

Keep Your Focus on the Arrow Markings

When you enjoy Bowling Stars time pass games to play, you should always follow the arrow markings and not the bottles at the end of the tracks. You can use the arrows to set the correct direction of the bowling ball so that it can hit with maximum impact. You should point your arrow at the forward-most bottle and hit it with full force if you want to knock them all at once in these online games to play. 

Add Some Spin 

You can add some spin to the ball while you play Bowling Stars. Aiming the ball in the center and throwing it full force won’t help in knocking down all the bottles. The trick for a full knockout while you play Bowling Star is to aim in the middle of the first bottle and the one next to it and then just flick it forward rather than just releasing it. However, make sure that the aim is intact while you flick the ball. 

Put a Curve on the Ball

Simply aiming the ball straight like an arrow shouldn’t be your primary goal when you play Bowling stars. If you want to hit the bottles, you need to add some curve in your throw so that it hits the bottles and creates maximum impact. To add some curves, you just have to flick the ball from either side to hit the first ball.

Aim for the Pockets, Always

The pocket is a sweet spot between the forward-most bottle and its neighboring bottles either on the right or left. When you aim for the pockets, the chances of striking the balls increase on Bowling Stars online games. The best way to hit the pockets while playing Bowling Stars is either by spinning the ball or adding some curve to it.

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