Bob The Robber Game

If you are a hardcore game lover then we bet you must have heard of Bob the Robber! This fascinating online game is all over the internet, creating a buzz in the online gaming community with its stunning graphics and gameplay.

History Of the Robbery Bob Online Game

Bob the Robber is one of those free-to-play games that keep you hooked to your chair. If you are on the run, this game is perfect to tick away the time.

Coming back to the game, Bob the Robber was launched as a flash game in 2011. To date, it has been the preferred choice of people to choose it as a go-to game. Bob is the main protagonist of the game who plays a thief and steals stuff throughout the game without getting caught. The trick is to steal and rob items without being hit by a red alert. Bob loots stuff through lock-picking and burglary activities while avoiding detection. 

Steps to Play Bob the Robber Online Games

Playing this game is not rocket science, all you need to do is sneak up fast before you get detected by the alarms. 

  • Download the game from the Play Store or you can easily find the old version of it on the browser, you can get only the 4th version of Bob the Robber.
  • After installation, tap the play button to enter Bob's world. You will be given three options to choose a country and then, click to play.
  • You have to make sure that Bob moves through each level stealthily without raising any alarm. 
  • The trick is to be as smart as you can in these online games and fool the camera to move on, just don't let the guard see you.
  • Each level in Bob the Robber consists of some challenges to be accomplished, you’ll find hidden treasures, locked doors, guards, lockers, and much more to make it more interesting. 

Here’s a secret! You can pound off the guard, just make sure you don't raise the alarm else you’ll be doomed.

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Similar Online Jumping Games

It’s 2022 and the gaming industry is climbing the ladder of growth at a very fast pace. The quick, fun, and free-to-play games are a running trend among people with busy lives and you can get used to playing them while traveling, on a job run, or sitting clueless in a metro. 

At BMG, you can discover a lot of fun games to play and earn money. These money-making apps offer you an incredible opportunity to win money online while having fun on the go. 

As we know online drawing games, Boxing games, and even classic contra are coming back with their virtual versions, here are some of the best free-to-play games that you can play at BMG. 

Jumpy Kangaroo

This is one of those online games on BMG, a money-making app. Any age group can play this game. The key is to keep moving to make your hero jump in the gameplay. You have to avoid enemies like birds and your aim is to collect as many power-ups as possible. Let us give you a plus point, pick up the shields that will protect you throughout the game. In addition, you can collect sneakers and rockets for acceleration. 

Dino Jump 

Are you also the one addicted to playing that chrome’s dinosaur off the internet game? Well, we all were, but on the BMG money-making app, you get to play its updated versions with amazing graphics and gameplay. 

The controls are somewhat similar wherein the screen keeps on moving while you pass the obstacles, all you have to do is score high. The graphics of these free-to-play games are simple yet attractive, making them a perfect option to kill time.  

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Frequently Asked Questions

Answer: Bob the Robber was initially launched as a flash game. Currently, you may not find it on the browser as it is on a fix but you can install the Bob the Robber 4 game from Play Store

Answer: Bob the Robber is one of the free-to-play games where you get to play as a thief. All you have to do is stealthily move without getting caught using lock-picking and burglary. The key is to sneak through each level without raising any alert, or else you die. 

Answer: BMG is a stellar money-making app that enables users to play plenty of online games and score high on the leaderboards in order to win real money. The top games to play on the BMG app are Rummy, Bottle Shoot, Knife Hit, Poker, Fantasy Cricket, Bottle Shoot, and many more. Play online games on BMG and enjoy instant withdrawals of your winnings! 

Answer: Bob the Robber game consists of 5 levels. You have to cross each level carefully and make sure you don’t get caught. These are free-to-play games good enough to kill time. For more awesome free-to-play games, download the BMG app and play online games with your friends to win real money.