Block Puzzle Game

Building blocks used to be our favorite playtime and there is no age bar to play such games. These block games are out since the 80s, as you must have acquainted with Jenga, widely renowned for developing problem-solving skills and strategic thinking, a building block game that's perfect for playing in leisure.

These quick and easy building block games were the only fun component of our playtime! With no internet and social media, these were the games that made our childhood more memorable. Block games like Roblox, Jenga, Minecraft, and many others gained popularity due to their short and challenging gameplay. These days, you can also enjoy them as earning games on credible money-earning apps and winning real money.

So, gear up to relieve that adrenaline rush! By the end of this, you will get to know about some amazing block games that you can play online and how you can earn money from such online games on the best money-making app. 

What is a Block Puzzle Game?

A building blocks game or a block puzzle game in general essentially involves arranging blocks of different patterns on the screen. The objective is to match and clear as many cells as possible. All you have to do is match the horizontal and vertical lanes to clear the cells. If you are a 90s kid, you must have played the famous Tetris block game and these online versions are no less interesting than the older versions, in fact, with added perks such as competing against real opponents, time limits, and much more.

How to Play Block Games Online?

You can simply find these block puzzle games online or at the Play Store, the internet is full of easy-to-play block games that offer challenging strategies and entertaining concepts. These games include complex puzzles, fun & easy gameplay, arcade action, and everything in between!

If you search about building block games, then you can find a lot of options to play but they all mainly follow the same track. Following are some basic rules to play block puzzle games online -

- Whatever game you choose for the gameplay, it will be the same, all block games are mostly similar instead of a few twists.

- You enter the box and get different-sized blocks, don't confuse yourself with color matching concepts because in a block game you have to fill rows or columns to clear the block and get a high score. 

- All you have to do is to clear your row by matching those blocks, as soon as you fail to do this you’ll be kicked out of the game.

- So, in order to maintain the scores, you have to clear the rows as quickly as possible, just make sure that your screen won’t get filled up with blocks. 

- These online games primarily require strategic thinking, in order to place the correct size of blocks on the box. The more you think, the more your moves win.

- The fun fact is that block puzzle games are available online, you can easily play them for free on any browser. If you don't want to waste your free time, then online games of blocks are the best for you.

-You can also pick those building blocks games today ad many others to win real money on money-making apps.

Best Block Games to Play Online in 2022

There are numerous options for android players to choose from! On the Play Store, you can effortlessly download free-to-play building block games. However, these all games are available on the browser as well. 

Here’s mentioning some of the online games that you can play anytime - 

  • Block Puzzle Jewel
  • Minecraft
  • Wood Block Puzzle
  • Puzzle 100 Doors 
  • Roll the Balls 
  • Unblock Me Free
  • Block Hexa Puzzle

These puzzle games not only provide you with fun gameplay but also enhance your thinking skills, brain functioning, and problem-solving skills. So, investing your time to block games will not be a waste of time, you will always learn and exercise your neurons whenever you feel your brain needs stimulation. 

Cheat Hacks to Get High Scores

The aim of this game is to form lines either vertically or horizontally using the blocks to clear lanes, but here are some tips and tricks which you can keep with you to take on the next game. 

  • One of the important factors is not to rush to the decision as every step can cost you! Always strategize before making any move, think about the placement of the block instead of just placing it on the board. In this game, you get a number of blocks to choose from, so choose wisely. Figure out to balance between speed and time. 
  • Focus on clearing horizontal and vertical cells, as this helps in clearing the grid faster. In block games, clearing horizontal and vertical lines makes you earn more points. 
  • When you get into the block puzzle game, you understand the essence of what it's going to be like. So, you can plan your move in advance as well. By planning in advance you can score more points within a given time limit.
  • A golden trick in this online game is to leave room for a 3x3 square. This trick helps the game last longer, the key is to leave a space to place blocks at the end.
  • You can also work your way through the corners as this helps to hold the space and don't be afraid to put up blocks. Practice is the only key to mastering this game. The more you play, the more you learn how to make a move correctly.

How Can Building Blocks Help in Strategic Thinking?

Playing building blocks is a no-brainer for all ages but it does help to hone your strategic thinking. Block games essentially force your brain to work harder. By playing this game regularly, your brain muscles will keep working and thinking. 

  •  Building block games help in developing creativity skills due to the challenging gameplay. 
  • It works as a great memory booster because of the kind of engagement, time, and creativity it demands. 
  • Due to the timer and limited moves, you get to hone your strategic skills which will lead you to learn problem-solving in time. 

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Frequently Asked Questions

Answer: Block games are easy to play but it requires practice. The more you practice, the greater your skills become.  You just have to get a hang of it and you can win the grid! Place blocks accordingly as these building block games require concentration. 

Answer: Online block games are called block puzzle games that you can easily play on any browser. Also, you can download it from Play Store as well. Online block puzzle games are fun to play 

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