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Racing games are one of the most important drivers behind the popularity of video games. They have been the most loved genre for decades and it was an important part of our childhood Playtime as well. The genre has been passed down through generations and can be found in arcades and consoles.

In the mid-90s, Racing sports like car racing, bike racing, cycling, and many others were already loved by millions of people, and getting a chance to play them on video games was an intriguing concept. If we look at the facts, racing games were one of the most popular genres in the early 20th century, and the buzz, excitement, and followers are still growing.

90's Bike Racing Games Vs Online Bike Games

In three decades, a lot has changed; we've seen many amazing inventions, from Mobile phones to Humanoid Robots. As technology advances, so have video games, and the most developed genre to emerge as a result of this shift is racing games which feature mind-boggling graphics, controls, and gameplay.  

Evolution of Bike Racing Games

Have you ever thought about how these bike games have progressed throughout time? What were the classic bike games that drew such a large fan base? Bike games, for example, can be either racing or stunts. The majority of bike games aren't racing games; they can just be driving games with obstacles or anything else.

Bike games are typically classified as sports games. So, let's take a look at how bike games have evolved since the mid-1980s.

MotoRace USA

This crazy arcade racing game has been out there since 1983 released by Irem as Zippy Race for Japan and MotoRace for the USA. Due to its outstanding gameplay and dual-viewing method, this bike game was a tremendous hit where each player controls their bike while driving through traffic. The game goes on at a back angle while they cover all laps up to the finishing line.

Road Rash

Many bike games started to pick up steam in the late 80s and by the early 90s, bike games had carved a solid niche for themselves in the sports games category. However, the tables turned when Road Rash was released in 1991, the classic bike game in the history of racing games.

There isn't a single millennial who hasn't tried their hand at this insane sports game. Even in the age of online bike games, one cannot deny the thrill and excitement that this game provides when playing. No matter how many earning games or online games are released, the enthusiasm for Road rash will never wane.

This fun bike game enables riders to kick at competitors, punch them, use a baseball bat or even use chains to knock others down. Plus, you can get hit off your bike and drive back again. Make sure not to get arrested by the police as they can stop the unruly riders.

Following the success of Road Rash, the bike game genre has exploded, with titles such as Suzuka 8 hours, XGII: Extreme G Racing, Mario Kart Wii, Burnout Paradise, and many others set the bar high.

However, when online games come into the picture, people are more inclined to their little phones instead of PCs. Playing a game anywhere anytime you want has been a wish come true for die-hard gamers, and it's a great way to kill time! But, did you know that you can even win real cash from earning games? Well, we shall introduce you to the money-earning apps where you can play online games and win exciting cash prizes. 

Till then, read on to know about some of the fun online bike games to play.

Play These Best 5 Online Bike Games in 2022

Street Moto: Speed Race

Rated 4.5 on the Google Play Store, this 3D game features mind-blowing graphics and gameplay. This sports game has captured the hearts of Bike game fans with its sleek controls and different modes. All you have to do is jump in the race while cutting down the traffic jam. What do you get in the box? Multiple characters with different skills to make your ride more fun, as well as various modes and stunning landscape to top it off. 

Clan Race: PVP Motorcross Races 

Another fun bike game to play on your Android or iOS phone, this one allows you to challenge the best players across the world, it's a PVP mode game that enables you to play against or alongside your clanmates. There are multiple modes to choose from and the final mode is the one where you have to complete several races to become the best racer in your clan.  

Real Moto 

Real moto is one of those bike games that provide realistic graphics, gameplay, and controls with over 150+ challenges. You got 11 bikes to customize at your leisure to win challenges. It is a fantastic game with immersive graphics, stunning views, and noises for a genuine experience. 

Death Moto 4 

The fourth sequel of the Death moto series, one of the most popular bike games in the racing games history. The fact that makes it more liked is its basic gameplay, visual effects, and violent fighting scenes. In the gameplay, you’ve got a choice to choose from 10 different bikes, plus you can upgrade them as per your performance. The objective is to outwit other players but make sure that this bike game is not as like others. 

Stud Rider 

Stud rider is a fun-filled, easy-to-play online bike game in which you take on the role of stud, a biker. In the game, you just got a new motorcycle to ride and perform stunts. To survive in this game, you need to collect as many fuels as possible. You can also perform deadly stunts and flips to earn more scores in the gameplay. The challenge is to balance your bikes on a path full of uneven roads, deep curves, and sharp peaks.  

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Frequently Asked Questions

Answer: Motorcycle games are one of the most preferred genres in sports games. Thanks to the internet, you can now enjoy these online bike games from the comfort of your home. Some of the bike racing games you can play for free include Street Moto, Stud rider, Road Rash, and more. 

Answer: Motorcycle games are essentially virtual bike racing with additional modes, challenges, bikes, amazing landscapes, and stunts. You can now explore online games at the BMG money-making app where you can win real cash prizes and more. 

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