Atari Breakout Game

The Atari Breakout is a new and updated version of the famous Breakout game by Atari. This game paved the way for all modern-day video games. The main goal in Atari Breakout is to bat the different coloured balls at the coloured blocks until you have none left. You will have to make sure that the coloured balls don't hit the paddle while playing Atari Breakout. You can enjoy this retro arcade game with power-ups that helps you boost to the next level. 

Atari Breakout is the latest version of the Breakout game which can be accessed through your web browsers as it is a browser-based game. This version of Atari Breakout is developed by Thin Xii. However, you can still play the free version on Google free.

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Tips to Play Atari Breakout Online With Friends

Atari Breakout is a simple but engaging game which has the power to keep you hooked for hours. Although the game to play is quite easy, here are a few tips that might help you master Atari Breakout faster: 

  • Always keep your eyes glued to the ball.
  • Play the game keeping in mind the next shot
  • Boost your advantage by collecting power-ups regularly
  • Avoid power-ups if you are already using one that you like. 

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History of Atari Breakout Gameplay

The original Atari Breakout game was heavily inspired by the legendary game named Pong, which was released way back in 1972. There have been several versions of Atari Breakout with similar gameplay but updated graphics. Today you can access the Atari Breakout game to play on your web browsers with amazing graphics, enhanced sound effects, and power-ups. 

The aim of this online game to play is to demolish the blocks using the same colored balls. However, this isn’t as easy as it sounds because you will have to line the ball so that you don’t miss your target. This version of Atari Breakout features power-ups which makes the online game even more interesting. You will have to collect these power-ups which can then be used to increase the number of your colored balls and also create a wider range to hit the balls. The number of lives that are left is displayed on the bottom left of the screen. Once you are out of lives in Atari Breakout, you will have to start the game from scratch. 

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The Atari Breakout game has three modes which are normal, hard and impossible. If you opt for the hard or impossible modes in Atari Breakout, there is an additional score multiplier which is x3 for the hard mode and x5 for the impossible. The controls in Atari Breakout are simple as you can aim by just moving the cursor and shooting with just a click or a tap. What makes this version of Atari Breakout is that there are multiple levels which are designed with unique block arrangements. 

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This online game of Atari Breakout features an increase in the ball numbers and also the paddle size. So making your ball heavier gives you a better chance of crushing all the blocks. The power-ups in Atari Breakout last for a limited period of time, so make the most of it. Also collecting a power-up while another one is active will make you lose your active power-up. So avoid power-ups while you already have an active one. 

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Frequently Asked Questions


  • Simply type Atari Breakout on the Google search engine.
  • the website will appear in the first rank. 
  • Click on the website link
  • The Atari breakout game will appear.
  • Start playing

Answer: Yes, you can play Atari Breakout for free on the Google search engine. Simply type in the name of the game and the Atari Breakout shall appear on the top search. Click on it to play.

Answer: You can play the Atari Breakout game for free. If in case there appears to be an issue, it might be that the OS might not be operating perfectly or there could be compatibility issues.

Answer: Atari Breakout games to play are based on skill. You need to move the plank in time so as not to let the ball fall below the plank or else it's game over.

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