Play Archery Games Online and Win Real Money

Bows and arrows have been used by different cultures since ages. From ancient times, archery (Skill of shooting arrows) was used as a weapon to attack the enemy and has also been used for hunting. Usually, it was used as armament that was made up of wood.
Today, archery has turned into a fun sport that folks indulge for recreation. Did you know it has been a part of the Olympic Games right since the beginning? Now, you can play archery games online and can earn money by honing your sharpshooting skills. Indeed, it has turned into one of the most fun real money games today.
To truly make your name as an online sharpshooter in best shooting games like archery, you must become proficient at archery - the noble, medieval form of bow and arrow shooting made famous by the legendary Robin Hood!

How to Play Archery Online on BMG?

Archery Games are one of the best shooting games and also one of the best free online games that you can have fun with during lockdown. These are bow and arrow shooting games requiring attention to detail and a good eye. There are basic steps to learn archery games. Any beginner can easily be proficient in this game but to learn it, play it, and be a better sportsman, archery needs to be practiced regularly and under supervision. Let us go through the basics of how to play the archery game: its rules, scoring, and how to play them online and enjoy the joy of archery.
Pick a bow with the Correct Poundage
Poundage, also called draw weight, is a form of how much weight it takes to pull the bowstring back. The size and strength will control the poundage that will serve you the best. This is one of the things that can help you to win when you play archery games online. For example, if you are starting as a child that would want a draw weight of 10-20 lbs, depending on their size. A large man would want at the highest 35 lbs.

  • Picking a draw weight very prudently, if it is too high for you that will make shooting too tough, but it can also cause injury in your arms as you’ll strain at pulling the string back.
  • You also don’t want it to be too easy to pull the string back, as this will cause you to over-pull the string.

Carry your Bow and Arrow in the Correct Form
Whether you play free online archery games or real money games, the following step is placing the arrow in the dent attached to the string. The string is usually made of synthetic material, so fingers need a tab for protection from minor cuts. The rubber rest holds the arrow over the bow and it’s the accountability of the player to ensure that it clicks the rest. The arrow must not come movable.

Take a bow that is apt for you, and is easy in your grip. While the arrow is on the dent and the string is stretched, ensure that the index finger is placed above the arrow, with the middle and ring fingers below the arrow. The little finger and thumb should be placed away. Validate they never touch the string. When you play archery online, this allows the free movement of the arrow without putting any pressure on it.

Now it’s time to release the arrow. Slightly, the string should be pulled back such that it touches the tip of your nose and your hand is below your jaw. If you feel your muscles tense, then take it back and make sure to warm up and exercise your arm.
Vary your angles and distances when you practice/Hit your target.
When you are new, it is very easy to fall into the contented trap of setting up a target at the same distance every time and shooting straight on. Nevertheless, if you want to increase your expertise, you need to shoot from long distances and different angles.

Archery is one of the best free shooting games to play. So, if you characteristically shoot at 15 feet, take shots from 20, 30, and 40 feet to increase your accuracy from a long distance. Don’t do all of your practice with a single target in an open pitch. Set some targets up in the woods if you can, or set up 2-3 targets and practice hitting each of them while you stand in one spot.

Rules to Play Archery For Real Cash

  • Whether you play archery games online or on the field, archers must follow all official rules in terms of the equipment they use in the performance of their archery game, with the key emphasis being on them using no equipment or fittings that would give an unfair benefit over an opponent.
  • Athletes may not raise the bow arm until the signal to start is given and penalties can be given – in the form of points forfeits – if the bow is drawn after the official practice has been closed.
  • The maximum time permitted to shoot an end of three arrows in two minutes, and four minutes for an end of six arrows.
  • An arrow cannot be re-shot under any conditions. The arrow may be considered not to have been shot if it falls from the bow or misfires, or if the target blows or falls over. Extra time would be given in such conditions.
  • An arrow that rebounds or hangs from the target will still score based on the mark it makes on the target face. Arrows that stick – Robin Hood-style – in the nock of another shall score the same as the arrow in which they are embedded.
  • Athletes can be disqualified, have points deducted, or be banned from competition for various breaches of rules, based on the severity of the offense.
  • If the bow or arrow is damaged, requests can be made to the judge for such equipment to be replaced or fixed, and any time grants will be at the judge’s discretion.

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Archery Game Scoring
Scoring in an archery game is very simple, you just add up the number of points based on where your arrows hit the target. The highest score for a single arrow is 10 for hitting the inner gold ring, while the least (for hitting the outer white ring) is one point. Arrows missing the target altogether do not score at all.

If we talk about the Olympic competition, their athletes must shoot 72 arrows in 12 phases, with the overall cumulative score deciding their ranking. They then go into a head-to-head knockout competition where they must simply score more than their opponent. Tournaments vary in format and the number of arrows competitors must shoot and the distance to the target. However, when you play archery games online you just have to concentrate to score more!

How to play archery with friends?

Archery is one of the best online games to play with friends. You can join your friends in your team and get started. That’s right, you can play best archery games for android online with friends and make real money with them. Just send an invite to your friends and make them join your game.

Practicing with free archery games online is an excellent way to know completely about the game and to win real money. Take benefit of the free online archery games to perfect your skills. Before you start playing jackpot games, make sure to familiarize yourself with the game rules. Play more to learn from pros and search for info on how to become a better player.

There are some best online archery games to play with friends that feature different prizes. You can win big playing some games, as compared to others. Know the games offered on the online archery site, and choose the right matches for you. And if you want to try some other multiplayer games for android that you can play with your friends then just have a look on the BMG home page. You can play some of the best free android games ,Carrom, Pool, Cricket, Fantasy Sports, and more on our website or you can download our app and enjoy these games from the comforts of your home.

Tips & Tricks

Control the game with your Fingers

When beginning your archery game, you may think the best way to handle the bow is to place your finger over the crosshairs to line them up with the target.

When you play archery games online, you'll soon realize that the most apparent placement of your thumb isn't necessarily the best placement: your finger will block your entire view of the target. However, it might seem unintuitive, place your thumb just below the bow and control it from there.

By doing so, you can correct your movements as you peer through the sights on the bow. And by having your fat thumb below the arrow, you'll have the full range of control, meaning that you can drag your finger in any direction without accidentally obstructing your view of the target.

Don’t Confuse Yourself about the Shot, Just LET IT GO

While it's true that you should be particular about your shots -- this is a precision sport, after all -- don't be overly particular.

When you have a decent shot lined up, you should take it. As mentioned above, pressing the cancel button too much will have you running out of time. Similarly, by trying to line up the most perfect shot, you risk swaying the bow in frustration or swiping your finger at the last second, causing the arrow to shoot astray.

Sometimes, you'll be faced with moving targets and be required to match the movement speed of the target to land a shot. It's during these rounds that you need to have the confidence to just let the arrow go. The same physics apply when you play archery games online.

Play Faster

This is a small tip if you can try. Time doesn't seem to progress when you let go of the arrow. That means that when you release the arrow towards a moving target, the target doesn't continue moving as the arrow makes its plunge to poke its follower.

Once you've matched the speed of the moving target with your finger, release the bow and the arrow should hit the spot you want.

Play Firmly

While you may want to swipe your thumb up and down to get the unruly crosshairs to line up the way you want them to, don't overdo it. Take a deep breath, calm yourself, and use gentle movements.

Never swing your fingers around. Instead, press firmly against your mobile device and slowly rub your finger along the screen to move the bow incrementally.

Likewise, don't pay too much attention to your finger movements, as they may not directly affect the direction of the bow as you expect them to. Look how the bow moves as you drag your thumb, and correct your movements accordingly.

How to Win Online Archery?

As mentioned, it would depend on the specifics of the tournament in which the archer is competing, but in archery game online play the winner is the person who has the highest cumulative total score after a set number of arrows, or the one who has successfully overcome all opponents faced in a knockout scenario. To win the archery game online you must score more. The more you score the more your chances of winning will be.

When you play free online archery games to earn money, choose your technique, and learn the rules laid down by the site for that specific style. All methods feature various patterns, and playing free games is the best way to master them.

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Frequently Asked Questions

Answer: Playing archery online is simpler than playing this in real life. Aim with your bow and arrow, vary your angle, and try to hit the target.

Answer: Practicing the best shooting games can improve your archery skills. Hit targets and score as many points as possible to get better bows and an unlimited number of arrows. Take a bow, choose the direction and strength of every shot and try to kill your opponent with only one arrow.


  • Always draw the bow pointed toward the target, with or without arrows.
  • Do not shoot arrows up into the air.
  • The maximum time permitted to shoot an end of three arrows in two minutes, and four minutes for an end of six arrows.

Answer: The crucial tip in the archery game online is to keep your hand steady. Players should combine quickness and precision in this skill game. 

Answer:There are many websites where you can play the best online archery games with friends. Apart from archery, there are many fantasy sports that you can enjoy online nowadays. BMG is the best gaming site for game lovers to play online games including fantasy sports, rummy, and poker. Play the online game on BMG and win cash prizes!

Answer: Yes, it is legit to play online archery. Players can easily find legit online archery games at safe and secure online gaming websites. It is important to play at a reputable site to avoid any issues with withdrawing funds or unfair games.

Answer: Hitting the center of the target can help you to earn real money in archery. Not only that gets you the most points, but it also secures an extra arrow. That enables you an additional shot and helps you to have a higher score than your opponent when you play for real money. You can play real money earning games of archery to enjoy decent winnings.

Answer: ​The best type of bow for a beginner is a recurve bow. This will enable you to learn the basics of archery games with the most versatile and cost-effective type of bow before you consider getting a more expensive compound.

Answer: There are several types of archery games practiced in the world today. The main types are target, field, clout, and flight, and each kind requires slightly different shooting methods and equipment.