Among Us Game

With every passing day, the scenario of work is changing, and almost all individuals are stressed and working hard to meet the deadlines. Therefore, online mobile games serve as a savior, as they can help people relieve stress and enjoy the moment they are in. One such amazing online mobile games that people are loving is Among Us. The lockdown situation over the past year has made this game even more popular than it was. This multiplayer game allows people to connect with friends, family members, and strangers from different parts of the nation. The Among Us game requires you to be attentive, focused, and highly alert.

The Among us game is a current favorite among many players, amateur and experienced alike. Ensure that you know how to play among us before you jump onto the bandwagon. Every little detail that you know about the Among us game will help you when you start playing. Of course, beginners must play free among us games online to learn the tricks of the trade.

Here is everything that you need to know about how to play Among Us games online.

About Among Us Game

It is true that Among Us was launched in 2018, but what made these online games a cult hit is the pandemic and the associated lockdown. The Among Us game was streamed to millions of players by renowned influencers like James Charles, Chance Morris, and PewDiePie. Since then, folks started enjoying free play among us, eventually reaching a huge fan base. You can learn how to play among us online easily from famous influencers. Doing that will also help you gain some insider tips and tricks associated with us online.

In this multiplayer game, ten players will be dropped into a spaceship, planet base, or sky headquarters. Every player here has a designated role of an imposter or a crewmate. Before knowing how to play among us, understand that this game is also a game of survival. The imposter has to kill his crewmates, whereas the humans have to find the imposter. However, in the Among Us game, players find it more interesting to be the imposter as it feels great to betray your crewmates and kill them.

You can watch the videos of professionals among us players before you start playing. This will help you decipher how to play among us, and you can start playing this game following the tutorials. Most players also go for the Among Us download to play as and when they want.

Rules to Play Among Us

The Among Us game is a combination of a puzzle and a murder mystery game, which involves friendship and deception. The Among Us game online involves crewmates and imposters, and the player who gets the role of the imposter will be responsible for deceiving the crewmates. It is important to understand that the Among Us online game should be learned both from the view of the crewmates and the imposters.

The rules associated are different for both. To understand how to play among us, you need to ideally understand the associated rules and Among Us gameplay. The fun fact stated by most professional players is that to be an imposter among us is far more exciting as you get to betray your crewmates and behave like you are one among them. You can also opt for a download to practice the rules when free.

Rules for the Crewmates

Here is a list of the rules for the crewmates.

  • To join the Among Us Game, you need to select local or online.
  • From this, you can either create a game or join an existing game.
  • You will not know whether you will be a crewmate or an imposter in among us unless the Among Us game online starts.
  • If you are a crewmate, you can hold emergency meetings.
  • You need to report if you discover a dead body when you play among us online.
  • If you are killed, your ghost can help the other crewmates win.
  • To win, complete every task before the imposter among us can kill you.

Rules for the Imposters

As already mentioned above, being an imposter among us is highly exciting. Here is a list of the rules for imposters.

  • Kill the crewmates as fast as possible to stop them from completing their challenges.
  • Try to participate in the emergency meetings in the Among Us online game to stop crewmates from doubting you.
  • You can still report dead bodies, or you can run away so that you are not the suspect.
  • Create faults like turning off oxygen or turning off lights. This will kill them faster or not allow them to complete tasks in Among Us online games.

Go for Among Us download so that you can not only practice these rules perfectly but also kill your boredom irrespective of where you are. Play Among Us online and get a new definition of killing your boredom. The Among Us gameplay should be observed by you to win the game, whether as a crewmate or an imposter.

How to Play Among Us?

Even though the Among Us game was released in 2018, it was only during the Covid-19 lockdown that the game exploded in popularity. You should know that the number of players playing Among Us online had topped the number of PUBG players momentarily.

However, there are still many people who are new to this game. If you wish to play Among Us online games, the most important thing that you will have to know is how to play among us. You can also go for among us free games downloads so that you can play the game as and when you want without any restrictions.

Here is everything that you need to know about how to play among us.

  • In our online free game, there is usually a crew of four or ten players who will be present at a particular location. They will have to complete the designated tasks.
  • Alternatively, there will be one or three imposters. These imposters in the android game will be responsible for sabotaging the efforts of the crewmates and killing them.
  • The free among us games can end in four ways.
  1.  All the imposters die in our online free game, and the crew wins.
  2. All the tasks are successfully completed in the game before the imposters could sabotage anything; the crew wins again.
  3. The number of imposters among us becomes equal to the number of crewmates; so here, the imposters win.
  4. The imposter in among us causes catastrophic sabotage, which the crews fail to detect or stop; the imposters win again.

The time taken to complete Among us is the best android online game depends on the number of players, the skills of every player playing Among us, and the options that the playgroup selects. When you start the Among us online free game, you will not know whether you will be a crewmate or an imposter until the game starts. Based on the role that you are assigned while you play among us, your objectives will change.

Make sure that you are following the professional players and the Among us gameplay, as that will help you in the long run. Go for Baazi Mobile Gaming download to play the game whenever you are free.

How to Win?

The Among Us game indeed exploded in popularity during the lockdown; however, a greater portion of the population is responsible for playing this game right now. Therefore, if you are also interested in playing this game, apart from knowing how to play among us, you also have to know the right strategies that will help you in winning the Real Money Earning Games . You can also consider the Among us free download to understand the among us gameplay.

Here is a list of the tips you can follow if you want to play among us and win the game.

If you are an imposter among us, you can follow the following strategies to win this amazing game.

  • Know the popular kill zones- Make sure that you are aware of the kill zones present in the map Among us the android games. For earning money from online games you can check BMG's best app to earn money.
  • The most popular areas are the Security and Electrical area in the Skeld Map. Turning off the security and playing with the electrical can take you one step closer to winning the game.
  • Keep sabotaging- As an imposter in the game, you can constantly sabotage any place you want. For example, you can tamper with the security system or turn off the lights. This will help you to get easy kills in Among us online games.
  • Take part in emergency meetings- To make sure that your crewmates do not understand that you are an imposter in the Among us free online game, you have to take part in the emergency meetings. Try to be as close to the crewmates as possible so that you can kill them as soon as you find them alone when you play among us.
  • Ensure that you always have your alibi ready- There might be someone or the other who will accuse you over the chat in the Among us free online game. As an imposter, you need to make sure that your alibi is ready so that no one can accuse you with proof. This will help in making the crewmates believe that you are not an imposter but one among them.
  • Report the kill- Try to report the killing as fast as you can so that you can save yourself from suspicions. Do this before any crew member finds the dead body when you play among us online.

If you are a crewmate in the Among us online game, here is how you can win. Also follow the among us gameplay of professional players.

  • Finish all the tasks as fast as you can- In the Among us game online, you need to ensure that you are finishing all the assigned tasks before an imposter tries to kill you. It should be your priority to complete all the assigned tasks in Among us free online games.
  • Get to the sabotaged spots immediately- As a crewmate in the free among us game, getting to the spot will help you fix your spaceship so that the imposter cannot win at killing you.
  • Learn every task- When you are playing Free among us games, you need to make sure that you are learning how to do every task to finish quickly. When you are focusing only on completing your tasks, nobody can stop you from winning among us free online games.
  • Learn the maps- With every free among us game that you play, try and learn the maps. This will help you understand those parts of the map that are most likely to be sabotaged by the imposters. You can quickly rush to these areas to prevent the imposters from winning the game.

When you play Among us online, you need to ensure that you are following the right strategies that will help you to win your game. You can also go for the Among us free download to Play the Time Pass Game in your free time and practice these Game Strategies. Understand the among us gameplay perfectly to emerge as the winner.

Tips and Tricks

When playing Among Us Online games, winning should be your first priority. Also, to play the game perfectly, you need the right set of tips and tricks that will set your game apart from the other players. You should go for the among us free download to practice the tips and tricks. You can also Download the BMG App (Baazi Mobile Gaming ).

Here is a list of the tips and tricks that will help you to take your game a notch higher when you play among us online.

For a crewmate in the among us online game-

  • Ensure that you are constantly moving with your crewmates. This will prevent you from getting killed even if the imposter is around you. If you are moving around in a group when you play among us online, the imposters cannot touch you. However, in case you separate from your fellow crewmates, getting killed is easy.
  • Focus on completing the tasks- Your primary focus when you play among us is completing the assigned tasks. Also, when you see some other crewmate completing a task, do not trust them. Apart from that, remember that it takes time to complete all the assigned tasks, so if you find someone doing it quickly, understand that it is an imposter.
  • Common tasks- Common tasks can help find out the imposter when you play among us free online because no one else will have this task if you do not have it. If someone else is performing any common task that you do not have, it is an imposter.

For an imposter in the Among Us online free game-

  • Avoid suspicions- As an imposter in Among Us online, your primary objective will be to stay away from suspicions. Try to take part in emergency meetings and vote for the players they think can be an imposter. This will help you to keep the trust intact.
  • Eliminate the victims with wisdom- Remember that imposters cannot complete any task when playing the Among Us android game. You have to eliminate crewmates performing visual tasks because finding you out will not be a tough job if they get together.
  • Use the vents- If you have killed a crewmate in the game, you can report the body and quickly escape through the vents to avoid getting caught. Also, vents can be accessed to eliminate the victims and sabotage the spaceship without others seeing you.

If you follow these tips and tricks when you play Among Us, it will be easy for you to master the game perfectly. Also, go for the Among Us download to play as and when you can. Most players prefer the Among us free download to use the right tips and tricks that will help them win the game. BMG will give the best online games for android, which you can play with your friends anytime, anywhere.

Frequently Asked Questions

Answer: Among Us is currently one of the most exciting games that people have played globally. In the Among Us game online, you will either be an imposter or a crewmate. If you are an imposter, you will have to kill the crewmates and sabotage tasks, while if you are a crewmate, you will need to complete the tasks before the imposter can get to you. If you can play ideally, Among Us could be an exciting game for you.

Answer: To play among us online, you should be at least 18 years of age. You can also go for among us free downloads to enjoy the game in your free time.

Answer: Yes, the android game among us is free. You can also go for a download to ensure that you are using the right tips and tricks when playing the game online.

Answer: There is no denying that among us free online games can be highly addictive. However, instead of quitting this game, you can limit your among us online game sessions to one or two times a week. This will help you to ward off the addiction.

Answer:To win among us, you need to follow and understand among us gameplay of more experienced players. Also, watch relevant tutorials to be an expert on how to play Among Us and be a winning player.

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