8 Ball Pool Game

The pool is one of the most popular games played worldwide by millions. The most awesome variation of the Pool game is 8 Ball Pool which carries its own set of rules. Played on a normal-sized Pool Table, 8 Ball Pools can be played as a single or double game with cues and 15 object balls, 16 balls, 1 cue ball, and chalk. A cue ball is the one that the player uses to strike other balls.

8 Ball Pool game is compared to its counterparts, Snooker game, and Billiards, and requires sufficient skill, focus, and tactical strategy to be a winning player. Just so you know, the name “Pool” was derived from the American cousin of Pocket Billiards.

The good news? You can now play the Snooker game 8 Ball Pool as a free game, multiplayer game, or even money-earning game on India’s best money-making app, Baazi Mobile Gaming. Read on to know how to play an 8-ball Pool game and enjoy this online game as a money-earning game and earn cash prizes for your skills. 

8 Ball Pool Game Objective

The aim of the 8 Ball Pool game is to pot in all your assigned balls and the 8 Ball on the Pool table to become the winner. 8 Ball Pool, like Billiards and Snooker games, are played as multiplayer games with friends in a best out of format, so you must win a maximum number of matches to win. On the BMG money-making app, you can play this online game as a money-earning game for stakes of your choice to earn real cash in real-time.

Scoring in 8 Ball Pool Game

Like Billiards multiplayer games or the Snooker game, 8 Ball Pool free game doesn’t have any scoring per se. You simply must pot all the balls on the Pool table including the 8 balls at the end. So, say, the first player to win 5 frames in a best of 9 frame match shall win the online game.

How to Win 8 Ball Pool?

A win in an 8 Ball Pool game is decided as per the following situations.

  • When a player pockets all the assigned balls and then, legally pots in the 8 ball at the Pool table at the nominated pocket.
  • When the opponent illegally pots the 8 ball before clearing his/her own set of balls on the Pool table.
  • When the opponent knocks off the 8 ball from the Pool table.

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Rules of the 8-Ball Pool Game

Like its cousins, Billiards and the Snooker game, the rules of 8 Ball Pool game are contested as per the region they are played at. The reason why the World Pool-Billiard Association drafted a standardized set of rules to play the Pool game.

  • Before you play the Pool game, the Pool table needs to be set up. However, in the online game version on BMG, this part is automated.
  • All object balls are placed in a triangular rack and stationed at the lower end of the Pool table in a way to place the apex ball on the foot spot. 
  • A coin is tossed to decide who gets to break. Post this, the break is taken in turns.
  • To make a legal break in this multiplayer game, you must hit the balls in a way that 4 of them hit cushions and the cue ball doesn’t get pocketed by mistake. If you pot the 8 ball on the break, you can ask for a re-rack in the 8 Ball Pool game.
  • The first player to pot any object ball continues to pot balls of the same kind (solids or stripes) similar to Billiards or a Snooker game.
  • You continue to make shots in this free game until you foul or fail to pot an object ball. The next player takes a turn.
  • If any player fouls in this online game, the opponent can place the cue ball anywhere on the Pool table.

Types of Fouls in 8-Ball Pool Game

  • Failure to hit one’s object balls
  • Knocking off the cue ball from the Pool table
  • Potting your opponent’s object balls
  • Hitting the cue ball more than once
  • Pushing instead of striking the cue call

Once you pot all the balls in this free game, then you must sink the 8 ball by deciding in advance the pocket you aim to pocket to and do so. If you fail, your opponent returns to the Pool table. If he/she pots the 8 ball in any of the other pockets other than the stated one, he/she loses the 8-ball pool game.

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Frequently Asked Questions

Answer: Yes, you can play 8 Ball Pool games on the BMG money-making app. Play free games or multiplayer games of 8 Ball Pool with your friends for stakes and win real money.

Answer: 8 Ball Pool game is not an Indian game. Also formally known as Pocket Billiards, the 8 Ball Pool was invented in the United States in the 1900s. Its earliest records of playing a similar kind of Billiards as an outdoor lawn game dates back to 1340 in France.

Answer: Simply visit baazimobilegaming. com. Click on the “Download App link” to get the BMG money-making app on your iPad. When the download is complete, sign in via the OTP on the phone number you offered and hit the lobby, and start playing.

Answer: Yeah. You can play 8 Ball Pool, the famous Snooker game with Android users as long you have the app on your device. It doesn’t matter whether your friends or other opponents are using another device as long as you have your own BMG account.

Answer: Yes. You can play 8 Ball Pool on the BMG money-making app. Play the multiplayer game as a money-earning game for stakes of your choice and win cash prizes. Beginners can start with free games to learn the online game from scratch.

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