28 Card Game

One of the most popular card games after the likes of Rummy and Call Break is the 28 card game that is played in partnerships of two. The twenty-eight card game is a skill-based game that requires intelligence, focus on the part of the player, and memorizing the 28 card game rules. The gameplay of the 28 card game resembles the European family of Jass games. Anyhow, considering that learning this game requires a few minutes of your time, let’s get right to it starting with the rules.

Rules to Play 28 Online Card Game

The 28 online tash game rules can seem a little tricky at first but playing a few demo games will get you on track real quick. 

  • The player who gets to pick the trump card and keep it face down can’t play a card of the trump suit until another participant asks to see the trump card OR if it is the only suit left in the 28-playing card game.
  • All players need to follow the lead suit during a single round in the 28-card game online.
  • In case, players don’t possess a card of the suit in play, they can throw away other useless cards from their tricks or ask to reveal the trump.
  • In case you lose a trick before the trump card is shown, it cannot be retrieved.
  • The 1st bidder of the game begins at 14 points. The maximum bid a player can make is 28 points. 
  • If one player from a team has played a bid before, the partner must play his bid from 20 points as per 28 card game rules.
  • In case one of the teams happens to have all the 8 trumps, the game becomes invalid and calls for a redeal in 28 playing card games.
  • When a team loses one bid, he pays 2 cash cards to the other team. When a team wins a bid, he receives 1 cash card from the other team.

Now that the 28-card game rules are laid out, let’s get to know how to play a 28-card game online.

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How to Play 28 Online Card Games?

This is typically a 4 player game that’s enjoyed in teams of two. You use simply 32 cards from the standard deck starting from 7 of each suit to the Aces. The leftover cards are kept aside to give away as cash cards to both teams during the 28-card game online. Both teams get 6 cash cards depending on whether you win or lose a game.

Dealing & Bidding

Four cards are dealt with all players based on which players make bids as per 28 card game rules. Each bid is considered as a number and whosoever bids the highest number commits to collect tricks that will total up to the bidding points in the Twenty Eight card game. Dealing and bidding in the game are done counter-clockwise.

The player who bids last in the round gets to keep the trump separate. After doing so, the leader distributes the rest of the cards. Post that, the second round of bidding happens in 28 playing card games. In the end, the player bidding last sets the trump separately. 

Value of All Cards in Play

The following are the values assigned to each card in the 28-card game online.

  • Jacks carry 3 points
  • 9s carry 2 points
  • Aces carry 1 point
  • 10s carry 1 point
  • The rest of the cards carry zero points

The Objectives of 28 Card Online Multiplayer Games

The goal of the 28-playing card game is to score the maximum number of points to be the winner. Both teams must try and achieve the minimum number of points they bid for their teams. Failing to do so automatically makes the other team win as per the 28-card game rules.

28 Card Game Rules for scoring

When both teams have played their bids in the Twenty eight card game, the points of each team are tallied as per the number of tricks won. Remember, the number of points you score is according to the bids not on the value of the points collected in the trick.

  • As per 28 card game rules, if a team bids 19 or less, they win 1 point on winning 19 bids but lose 2 points if they can’t.
  • If a player scores 20 to 24 bids, the bidding team gets 2 points or loses 3 points if they fail.
  • If you bid 25 points or more, the team wins 3 points or loses 4 points if they fail to win.

Sounds fun, doesn’t it? Go ahead, start playing 28 card games right away and enjoy playing tricks of 28 card game rules on everybody!

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Frequently Asked Questions

Answer: The 28 card game has several variations such as the 29 card game, Fifty-Six,  and Forty player versions.

Answer: The 28 card game online is played in partnerships of two. Only 32 cards from Aces to 7s from the standard deck of 52 cards are used in the game. The goal of the Twenty Eight card game is to collect maximum tricks with the highest value. 

Answer: A player can declare a single hand in the 28 card game online before the first trick is played if he or she has the best cards and undertakes to win all 8 tricks by playing alone. If there is no trump, the player plays the first trick and his partner places her or his hand face down indicating he or she is no longer part of the play. This team in action then wins 3 points if they manage to win all 8 tricks and loses 3 points if they fail. A player must have at least 1 card in the hand that can lead to losing a trick as per the 28 card game rules.

Answer: A total of 32 cards that are highest in rank are used to play the 28 playing card game. Cards starting from Jack to Ace are only used to play the twenty-eight game.